A step-by-step guide to a gay underwear party

Everything you need to know.

A step-by-step guide to a gay underwear party

When you’re figuring out your sexuality and who you are, your insecurities can hold you back in lots of different ways. Once you realise that your most attractive qualities are having some self-confidence and a sense of fun, you’re going to be more open to new experiences.

Something you might be interested in giving a try is a gay underwear party.

Gay underwear parties come in lots of different forms – from spontaneous nights where things get a bit loose at a house-party, to a club night where underwear is the theme and the dress-code.

Underwear parties aren’t always about having sex with the other guys that are there, but there is an undeniable sexual energy when you have a room full of guys drinking and dancing in their underwear. Strangely though, after the initial amusement of stripping down while out in public, you seem to quickly forget that everyone is almost naked – it turns into just a fun, strangely liberating night out.

Here are a couple of gay underwear party lessons that we’ve learnt over the years.

Don’t wear underwear that you’re embarrassed about. You need to feel confident. Inevitably, guys will be judging you on your choice of underwear. This is the occasion when you want to bring your underwear A-game.

If you want to wear a jock-strap, or a g-string, or a j-string, or something a bit sexy and suggestive, then go for it. If it makes you feel good, then this is the party to show off the cool stuff that you’ve got in your wardrobe. Equally though, if you just want to go for a sensible pair of briefs that you know you can dance comfortably in without any wardrobe malfunctions, then that’s cool too. Try and avoid boxer shorts – you’ll feel weird and out-of-place.

Don’t be surprised when guys rub up against you. It’s not necessarily a sexual thing, but if you don’t like people invading your personal space, or being a bit familiar with you, then this might not be the party for you. When you’re on a crowded dance floor and everyone is jumping around in their underwear, don’t be surprised if some guys get a bit handsy – take it as a compliment.

What if you get a bit excited and start to get an erection? Who cares. If you weren’t getting a bit excited at this kind of party then you should probably question your sexuality. Don’t be embarrassed by your body. It depends a bit on the type of party that you’re at as to whether guys are going to be busting out boners on the dance-floor, but ultimately you get to set the boundaries on where the night takes you.

Our final piece of advice is to embrace this unique experience. If you ever get a chance to go to a gay underwear party, don’t judge, don’t hesitate, just strip off and start dancing.

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A geek underwear fantasy

Ever wondered what kind of underwear some of your favourite fantasy characters might be wearing?

It might be an indication that we’ve got too much time on our hands, but we like to imaging that we’re undressing superheroes, but the game is to guess what kind of underwear they’re wearing before you peel off the spandex suit.

Here’s some examples.

Hero: Harry Potter

Underwear: Down to business boxer-briefs

Harry is a fairly sensible kind of guy who seems like he’d opt for comfort over style.

His go-to option is probably going to be a pair of boxer-briefs – comfortable, and practical, and leaves him total freedom for waving his wand around.

Hero: The Doctor

Underwear: Thong amongst the stars

Gender is a bit of a meaningless construct for a Time Lord, so trying to visualise their underwear can be heavily influenced by which image they’ve regenerated into.

In terms of sex-appeal, it’s hard to beat the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. He’s got kink written all over him so it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’d be in a thong of some kind.

Hero: Jon Snow

Underwear: Leggings for any weather

This is a man who always needs to be ready for battle – whether that’s in the bedroom or the depths of winter.

Leggings are practical, they keep you warm, and they look great.

Hero: Captain America

Underwear: Innovative briefs

There’s something a bit boringly righteous about Captain America. It’s unlikely that he’s going to surprise you with his underwear – you could pretty safely assume that it’s military issue boxers all the way.

However, there is a chance that those horny nerds in the lab could talk him into trying something out like these innovative-looking briefs. Do it for your country, Cap!

Hero: Superman

Underwear: Futuristic briefs

With a lycra suit that’s snatched over every crevice of his body, you could easily imagine that it’s commando for this Kryptonian.

However, when the suit comes off, he’d probably want to slip into something a bit sexy with a metallic bling that reminds him of his home-world – something a bit like these super-sexy briefs.

Hero: Spock

Underwear: Forward thinking and functional briefs

Those Starfleet uniforms are ultra snug, and Spock is too left-brain logical to be interested in underwear beyond its function. He’s going to have a drawer full of identical standard-issue briefs – with some efficient system to ensure that he has enough to navigate laundry cycles and wear and tear.

Obviously, in the future, standard-issue briefs from the Federation are going to be sleek and sophisticated, in a metallic palette.

Hero: Han Solo

Underwear: Jockstrap for a space jock

All swagger and bravado, Han Solo is the ultimate space jock. You know that he only wears jockstraps – a bit cheeky, a bit sexy, and always ready for action.

Boys in their briefs

Underwear: AK Underwear Australia

Location: Huzzard Studios Perth

Models: Liam, Alex M. & Matt K. – all represented by CSA Models Australia

Images: Richards Photography

Get the look – underwear with impact

Guys of all shapes and sizes are continuing to flood social media with confident selfies in their underwear. There’s a lot to love about that, especially when the underwear that they’re wearing is form-fitting and eye-catching, with bright, energetic colours.

The underwear that you’re wearing probably sends subliminal messages that you’re not even conscious of.

We’ve done a deep dive on Insta to do our best to be fluent in the language of underwear.

Fresh and bold

Bright, optimistic – you’re starting off the day on a positive note and feeling good about the world.

Turning heads in the gym

You’re feeling sexy and you want everyone to know it. Maybe it’s Thursday night and you want to party like it’s a Saturday.


You’re on your way to the office. You’ve got some tricky spreadsheets that you need get finished for your boss. Your favourite member of the X-Men is Cyclops.

When the lighting is good…

You’re heading out on a first date. You’re feeling clean and confident. As soon as the conversation starts to dry up you’ll suggest getting naked.

Does my ass look big in this?

You’re going out dancing with your friends, but you’re going to wear your jeans low enough so everyone knows you’re bringing your underwear A-game. After a couple of frozen margaritas your t-shirt comes off.


It’s a Tuesday. Your fuck-buddy is coming over. You’re going to make a bit of an effort, but you know that you don’t have to try too hard.

Briefs for working boys

These are the briefs you buy when you’re heading off on vacation. You know you need some resort-wear and these have tropical freshness that you need when you’re heading out for cocktails.

Dreaming of summer

You’re at work but you wish you weren’t. You’re supposed to be concentrating on writing a report, but really you’re planning what you’ll get up to on the weekend.

The definitive guide to men’s underwear

Whatever sort of guy you are, your underwear is a pretty big deal.

Unless you’re committed to going commando every day, your underwear is the foundation stone, the building block of every outfit that you wear.

Your underwear is an essential part of the way that you present yourself to the world.

But, how do you choose your underwear? How do you know what underwear is right for you?

Should you be trying new underwear styles, or sticking to what you know that you’re comfortable with?

In this comprehensive and commonsense guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at underwear for men.

To be honest, we’re not mad about that at all – we love men and we also love looking at underwear.

We love talking about underwear. We love trying on underwear. We love pretty much anything underwear related.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at underwear from every possible angle – feel free to jump to the section that you’re most interested in.

Your other option is to download the entire PDF version. That way, you can read it whenever you want.

With this underwear guide to hand, you can really focus in on looking at guys in underwear. Study them closely and decide which style is right for you.

Chapter 1: The history of men’s underwear

For today’s men, our underwear is an essential part of our day-to-day life, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Let’s take a look at the history of underwear for men throughout the ages.

Ancient underwear

The earliest known examples of underwear is the loincloth.

Can you visualise yourself in a loincloth? They’re a form of clothing associated with most ancient civilisations.

Archaeologists have found examples of loincloths that date back more than 7,000 years.

The loincloth was generally just a strip of cloth that was passed between the legs and fastened at the waist.

They were undoubtedly pretty comfortable to wear, and super-practical.

Renaissance underwear

From around the time of the Middle Ages, men began wearing trouser-like undergarments.

To put these on, you stepped into them, pulled them up, and then secured them with laces at the waist.

Over the centuries, these undergarments became more fitted, and the codpiece was developed.

The codpiece is a fairly hilarious bit of clothing, but at the time it was a major innovation.

The front flap of the undergarments is what became known as the codpiece.

This flap could be buttoned or tied closed, and it enabled men to urinate without having to undress. A huge step forward.

Henry VIII of England is credited with starting the trend of padding his codpiece.

No one really knows why the King started padding his codpiece, although researchers believe that it probably started out as bandages that were being used to treat his syphilis.

Syphilis isn’t sexy, but the King’s padded groin led to a trend that saw men wearing large, eye-catching codpieces as a fashion statement.

Industrial underwear

Things really stepped up a gear when it came to the Industrial Age.

Cotton fabrics became widely available, and Nylon was also invented.

Factories were built that were able to mass-produce underwear.

These innovations meant that affordable underwear was now widely available.

One of the styles of underwear to emerge during this period was the Union Suit – first patented in New York in 1868.

The Union Suit was a one-piece, front-buttoning, neck-to-ankle undergarment.

It’s the Union Suit that has evolved into long-johns as we know them today.

Another style of underwear that emerged during this period was the jockstrap.

The Bike Jockey Strap was first made in 1874 to help protect the genitals of the bicycle couriers of Boston.

Jockstraps were designed to support and cushion the genitals of the couriers as they clattered across cobblestone streets.

Military underwear

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the hardships of WWI and WWII played a major role in shaping men’s underwear as we know it today.

To equip them for WWI, soldiers were issued with button-front shorts as underwear.

The practicality of this design proved popular, and it remained the preferred style once peace returned.

If you’re a fan of boxer shorts, you can thank the front-line soldiers for leading the way.

The style of underwear that we now know as briefs also date from this period – they were first manufactured in 1935.

The early versions of briefs were called ‘the jockey’ because the support they provided was similar to the jockstrap.

Fashionable underwear

In the decades that followed WWII, the advertising industry began to flex its muscles, and underwear ads were soon being splashed across magazines and newspapers.

Over time, sex appeal became a key selling point.

Underwear ads became all about how sexy they’ll make your feel and look, with little focus on the products comfort or durability.

Specialty underwear brands now dominate the market.

Innovation is now focused on the use of colour, pattern, and design to help men look and feel their best.

Chapter 2: The analysis – the results of our survey are in!

We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, so we recently partnered with queer news publication MeansHappy.com to ask their readers about underwear.

Men’s underwear styles

Just so that we’re all talking about the same things, we defined the different styles for our survey respondents.

  • Briefs: You might know these as bikini-style underwear. They’re snug-fitting – covering your butt and providing some support to your genitals.
  • Boxer Briefs: Sometimes called Trunks, these are snug-fitting shorts.
  • Boxers: A loose-fitting short that generally have a fly at the front.
  • Jockstrap: Provides support for your genitals but no coverage to your butt. Held in place by straps across the rear that connect to the waistband.
  • Thong: Also known as a g-string, this is similar to a jockstrap but has one strap at the back that is worn between your butt-cheeks.
  • Commando: This is the term used to describe when you’re not wearing any underwear.

The underwear survey results

What is your preferred style of underwear for day-to-day wear?

  • Briefs: 43%
  • Boxer Briefs: 36%
  • Boxers: 8%
  • Jockstrap: 7%
  • Thong: 1%
  • Commando: 5%

What is your preferred style of underwear to wear to the gym?

  • Briefs: 34%
  • Boxer Briefs: 27%
  • Boxers: 6%
  • Jockstrap: 19%
  • Thong: 3%
  • Commando: 11%

What’s your preferred style of underwear on other guys?

  • Briefs: 43%
  • Boxer Briefs: 21%
  • Boxers: 5%
  • Jockstrap: 19%
  • Thong: 4%
  • Commando: 8%

Does underwear excite you sexually?

  • Yes: 83%
  • No: 17%

Of the 83% of guys who said that underwear excited them sexually, their responses could be categorised as follows:

  • It accentuates the male body: 73%
  • It’s part of the foreplay of having sex: 17%
  • It’s a fetish: 10%

Where do you generally buy your underwear?

  • Online: 58%
  • Instore: 42%

How frequently do you generally buy new underwear?

  • At least once a week: 4%
  • At least once a month: 24%
  • At least once every three months: 36%
  • At least once every six months: 17%
  • At least once a year: 13%
  • I can’t remember the last time I bought new underwear: 6%

How much do you normally spend on a pair of underwear?

  • Less than USD$10 per pair: 22%
  • Less than USD$20 per pair: 43%
  • Less than USD$30 per pair: 29%
  • More than USD$30 per pair: 6%

When you’re buying your preferred style of underwear, which is generally the most important factor that influences your choice?

  • Colour/Design: 33%
  • Brand: 22%
  • Comfort: 20%
  • Price: 5%
  • Previous experience of the product: 13%
  • Recommendations from friends or other trusted source: 4%
  • Other: 3%

What is the main thing about your favourite underwear brand that appeals to you?

  • Comfort: 48%
  • Design/Colours: 26%
  • The reaction I get from guys when I wear them: 9%
  • The range of options they have available: 7%
  • They’re a cool brand: 3%
  • Good advertising: 2%
  • Other: 5%

What do the survey results tell us?

  • Guys think about underwear a lot.
  • For most guys, there is a sexual element to underwear.
  • The underwear market is surprisingly fragmented – there’s a lot of brand competition.
  • Comfort, design, and price are the key factors guiding the underwear purchasing decisions of men.

Like any aspect of fashion and style, the trends in underwear can be influenced by all sorts of things.

Factors that shape underwear styles could include what’s happening in movies, music, environmental issues, or whatever our favorite celebrities are into.

Here are a few of the current trends that are worth keeping an eye on.

Colorful Men’s Underwear

Color is a big trend in underwear at the moment.

Color isn’t just about being eye-catching, but it can be a subtle way to make the most of what you’ve got.

For example, the addition of brightly-colored seams can enhance the contour and shape of the crotch.

Wearing colorful underwear can also help you to project your personality — bright and bold color choices indicate that you’re fun and outgoing.

Bold graphic prints are another way to convey the image that you want to present to the world.

Bulge Enhancing Men’s Underwear

Some guys feel a bit hesitant about bulge enhancing options in underwear.

While it’s admirable to be happy with what you’ve got, there’s nothing wrong with presenting your best-self, bringing your A-game to stand out from the crowd and attract a bit of attention.

The old-school strategy was to stick a sock down your pants, but thankfully things have got a lot more sophisticated in recent years.

There’s now a lot of options out there – everything from c-rings, slings, pouch pads, or clever construction and design that adds extra bulk to your crotch.

Bulge enhancing underwear isn’t just for guys who feel a bit on the small size.

Everyone is different. Whatever your size, cleverly designed underwear can help you feel more comfortable and help to hold everything in the right position.

Sporty and Sexy Men’s Underwear

In contrast to some of the softer, lacier underwear trends, the uber-macho styles of sports underwear still remain very popular.

Sportswear is a really classic underwear choice, and that locker-room aesthetic taps into all of our football-jock fantasies.

Sportswear isn’t just for guys who go to the gym – any shape or body-type can be enhanced with the right sporty underwear.

Expect to see underwear that’s super-practical but elevated with cutting-edge construction and fabric combined with contemporary design.

Chapter 4: Dress for your body type

One of the challenges with buying underwear is that often the advertising that we’re being influenced by doesn’t generally match what’s looking back at us in the mirror.

It’s easy to get the impression that underwear is only designed for lean and muscular guys who exist on not much more than protein shakes and ab-crunches.

What’s important is to find the style of underwear that’s right for you.

You need to feel comfortable and confident. That takes a bit of trial and error, and experimenting with different styles, until you figure out what you like best.

To help you along that journey, here’s some general hints and tips.

What’s the best men’s underwear if I have chunky thighs?

Your best bet is probably a pair of snug briefs.

This will give you plenty of support while maximising movement and comfort for your thighs.

From a visual perspective, briefs help to elongate the appearance of your legs, which is handy if you’re a bit on the short side.

What’s the best men’s underwear if I’m tall and skinny?

Boxer-briefs or boxer-shorts are good styles for you to look at.

These styles highlight your lean physique but also bring some structure to your wardrobe.

Try some bright bold colors or patterns as these help to hold the eye’s attention and make you seem a bit more compact.

What’s the best men’s underwear if I’ve got a Dad-bod?

You honestly can’t go wrong with a jockstrap.

A jockstrap will emphasise your curves and swerves, making it extra appealing to snuggle into your embrace.

What’s the best men’s underwear if I’m a mature man?

Age is no barrier to anything, but you might have decided that it’s time to leave the bold colour colours and bright patterns to the twinks of the world.

You’re looking for classic styles that show that you’ve still got an eye for what looks good.

A well-fitted brief in a block colour is a good starting point – this is a style with timeless appeal.

Chapter 5: Buying underwear online

In the early days of underwear, most households made their own.

With the changes to production brought about by the Industrial Revolution, mass-produced underwear became widely available in stores.

While many guys still prefer to buy their underwear in stores, the development of the internet has made online shopping a whole new way of doing business.

Online shopping has a lot of obvious advantages – it’s quick and easy and whatever you’ve purchased is delivered straight to your door.

One of the challenges in buying clothes online is that it removes the opportunity to try something on before making the final decision.

But not being able to try something on isn’t a problem with underwear.

Even if you’re buying your underwear in-store, they’re not going to let you try them on.

You need to know your size and which style suits you best – often that takes a bit of trial and error.

Buying the right size

A good starting point is to know what your waist-size is.

If you take a 34-inch when you’re buying a pair of trousers, then that’s the size you need to be looking for when it comes to underwear.

Most underwear retailers will offer a size guide that tells you how the products match up to your measurements.

If you’re buying a new style that you haven’t tried before, just start with one pair to make sure that the size you’ve selected is actually what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found what you like and what fits you, you can confidently buy more of the product in the future.

Finding the right men’s underwear brands

It’s understandable that when you find a style of underwear that works for you, you’re going to stick with it. Better the devil you know.

But don’t get too stuck in your ways. There’s a lot of innovation going on in the world of men’s underwear.

Even if you’ve got your classic styles that you know that you love, take the opportunity to test and try new products that catch your eye.

The customer is always right

If you’ve bought a pair of underwear and there’s a problem with the product, don’t be afraid to make a complaint or send them back.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about – if the size is wrong, or the wrong item has turned up, or there’s some other issue, then let the retailer know.

Chapter 6: Common underwear mistakes

The common mistakes that we cover in this section will probably all sound like common-sense.

However, it never hurts to occasionally cast a critical eye over your underwear drawer and re-think what you’re seeing in the mirror.

Failing the freshness test

Your underwear needs to look sharp and feel fresh. If it’s faded, if it’s got holes in it, if it’s stretched or out of shape – it’s time to be ruthless, that underwear needs to go.

We’ve all got our favorite pairs that we’re reluctant to part with, but when it comes to underwear you can’t be sentimental.

Failing the hygiene factor

It’s a simple rule – new day, fresh underwear.

When you’re getting undressed, don’t ever ask yourself whether you could get another wear out of your briefs – just put them straight into the laundry basket.

There’s been studies done about how your underwear collects microscopic particles of faeces – trust us, you don’t want to know.

Failing the care criteria

If you’re in charge of the washing and drying of your clothes, try and give some consideration to your underwear.

Drying is where most of the damage is done – the heat from a clothes-dryer causes the elastic to deteriorate.

Try and air-dry them if possible, or give them a gentle dry in the machine.

Failing the quality consideration

You don’t have to spend a fortune on underwear, but don’t prioritise economy over comfort.

You need underwear that you can wear all day, underwear that helps you to feel good and look good. Cheap underwear is just disappointing for everyone.

Chapter 7: Match the underwear style to the situation

If you’ve ever been trying to get ready for something important but you get stuck staring into your wardrobe wondering where to start, then this chapter is for you.

We’re going to take a look at some of the common situations we find ourselves in our day-to-day lives.

We’re then going to workshop why some underwear styles might be more appropriate than others.

The key factors here are that you want to dress to impress, you want to send the right signals, but you also want to be comfortable and feel good about yourself.

As well as the situation that you’re going into, your choice of underwear will be influenced by who you are, what you want to feel, and the image that you want to project.

What underwear should I wear to a job interview?

Whatever job you’re going for – whether it’s your dream career or just a way to pay the bills – the key thing is that you need to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

That’s why we’re recommending a classic pair of briefs when you’re heading into a job interview.

You want to hold everything in place. If you’re wearing a suit, or a nice pair of trousers, you want underwear that’s going to help you look sharp.

You’re probably going to be sweating a bit, so you need a comfortable fit that’s not going to be too tight or constricted.

There’s already enough to think about during a job interview, you don’t want to have to be worrying about your underwear.

What underwear should I wear on a long flight?

It doesn’t matter if your flight is two hours or twelve hours, the same rules apply.

When you’re preparing for your travels, you know that you’re going to be sitting in relatively cramped conditions for an extended period of time.

You need practical, functional underwear. Avoid anything too tight, or anything that you might need to try and adjust or rearrange mid-flight.

A sensible pair of boxer-briefs is the ideal choice when flying. Give yourself a relaxed fit, while also ensuring comfort and support.

What underwear should I wear for a gym work-out?

The locker-room of your gym is a great way to compare underwear choices, and get a sense of what the other guys are rocking out in while they’re lifting.

Your gym work-out requires comfort and support, but also needs to give you plenty of room to breathe as you’re going to be working up a sweat.

A jock-strap is the ideal choice –  it holds everything nice and snug, while also enabling as much air as possible to flow around your body.

Go with one of the newer sporty styles, to show that you’re a forward-thinking kind of guy.

What underwear should I wear for a date?

Whether or not you’re the kind of guy that puts out on a first date, the underwear that you choose is going to be sending some pretty clear signals.

Your underwear should match your intentions. If this is just a coffee catch-up to see if you’ve got a connection, then you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of briefs.

In a pair of briefs you’ll feel comfortable and confident, and that will enable you to bring your A-game and impress the guy who’s got your attention.

If you’re wanting to project something that’s a bit sexy, a bit flirty, a bit fun, then an old-school jockstrap in a bright color is a great choice.

Let the waistband of your jockstrap peek up over your jeans. Let your guy know what’s in store for him if he plays his cards right.

What underwear should I wear for a hook-up?

If you’ve put your technology to good use and lined up some action, then you know that whatever underwear you choose is going to be coming off fairly quickly.

A jockstrap is often a popular choice for a hook-up, but it’s getting a bit predictable.

Why not try a thong?

Thongs have a cool, retro feel – a 70s vintage-porn kind of vibe that will bring a smile to your guy’s face.

A thong is also a great way to show off your assets and showcase the results of all of the squats that you’ve been doing in the gym.

When can I wear men’s silk or lace underwear?

This is totally up to you.

Silk and lace aren’t particularly robust fabrics, so maybe this style of underwear is something to save for a special occasion, or if you want to feel extra sexy.

These more delicate fabrics are becoming increasingly popular for men to wear as underwear – they feel great against the body!

When can I wear men’s mesh, sheer or see-through underwear?

Incorporating mesh into the design of men’s underwear makes a lot of sense.

Mesh or other see-through fabrics that provide a sheer effect not only add a bit of sex appeal, but they also help keep their air flowing around your body.

We’re happy to wear see-through or mesh sheer underwear any day, all day.

When can I wear men’s thermal or long underwear?

When we’re talking about long underwear for men, we’re generally talking about the style known as long-johns.

You might also describe these as thermal underwear, or leggings.

This style of underwear is generally designed to be worn during cold weather – they’ll keep your thighs extra snug.

Some guys like to wear long underwear when sleeping, as a form of sleep-wear.

Chapter 8: How to choose the right underwear when you’re playing sports

Different sports require different types of movement, and they also have different styles of sports kit . Some sports involve body contact, others don’t.

It’s logical that the style of underwear that you wear for one sport may be completely inappropriate when it comes to another.

Let’s take a look at some key styles of underwear and see if we can match them up with the relevant sports.

What sports are best suited to wearing briefs?

Briefs seem to be favoured by football players, squash, badminton, and tennis players.

This is a style of underwear that’s designed to let your body move, keeping your cock and balls snug and supported, but not offering any real protection.

Inevitably, your briefs are going to get sweaty, but that’s part of what makes the after-match showers such a highlight.

What sports are best suited to wearing boxer briefs?

Field hockey is the kind of sport where you’ll find guys wearing boxer briefs.

This is a non-contact sport that requires a lot of movement around the field.

Boxer briefs keep you comfortable but still ready for action.

What sports are best suited to wearing boxers?

Old-school boxers give you comfort and help to keep their air flowing around your body.

This style of underwear is best suited for those sports that don’t require any sudden movements – sports such as golf, darts, or archery.

What sports are best suited to wearing a jockstrap?

The jockstrap is the classic piece of sports kit that we’ve all adopted as one of our favourite styles of underwear.

Although cycling is the activity that led to the innovation of jockstraps, it’s the sport of American football that has really helped to elevate the jockstrap to an iconic style of underwear.

This is a style of underwear that’s ideal for any sport that involves body contact –  the design of the jockstrap provides some sort of protection to your cock and balls.

Jockstraps are also designed to be able to hold a protective cup – ideal for sports such as boxing, cricket, or lacrosse.

What sports are best suited to wearing a thong?

It’s not immediately apparent which sports would lend themselves to wearing a thong.

Dancers have created their own version of the thong with the dance belt.

It’s probably your more sedentary sports that require thinking not movement, where the intimate fit of a thong might help you to keep your mind on the game.

Thong-appropriate sports might include chess, poker, or backgammon.

What sports are best suited to going commando?

Cycling is all about the lycra  – those shorts come with in-built padding, so commando is the only option.

Greco-Roman wrestling is a sport that’s of interest specifically because of the skin-tight lycra singlets that the wrestlers wear – it’s clear that everyone goes commando when wrestling.

Swimming is another sport where underwear is obviously completely superfluous. Nothing says streamlined speed better than a super-tight pair of lycra swim-briefs.

Rowing requires a smoothness of movement that can only be achieved with a skin-tight lycra singlet and no underwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of men’s underwear?

There are five basic types of men’s underwear.

Briefs or bikinis, boxer briefs or trunks, boxer shorts, jockstraps, and thongs or g-strings.

What’s the best way to buy men’s underwear?

Men’s underwear is widely available in most clothing stores, or you can buy online through a brand such as Hunk2.

You can’t try on underwear in-store, so it’s probably easier and more convenient to buy your underwear from a specialist online retailer such as Hunk2.

What’s the best way to fold men’s underwear for storage and space?

Whether you’re travelling or just wanting a neat and tidy underwear drawer, the best method is to roll your underwear.

Gently roll the underwear into a loose ball and you can stack or stuff them wherever they need to go.

How is men’s underwear made?

While the designs of men’s underwear may seem relatively straightforward, there’s a lot of research and thought that goes into their production.

Specialist designers and manufacturers work together to design and produce underwear that meets the needs of men.

Who makes the best men’s underwear?

There’s a lot of different brands out there, all competing for your attention.

Ultimately, the best underwear is the style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Price isn’t always the best indicator of which is going to be the best style for you.

Try out a few different styles and find your favorite.

What’s the best underwear for men?

Body-shape can play a big role in determining which underwear style will work best for you.

It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all.

Try a selection of different styles and go with what feels best.

What’s the most comfortable men’s underwear?

The underwear that you find comfortable to wear will depend on your body shape and size and personal preference.

Try a range of different styles until you find what works best for you.

Where do I buy pouch, a thong or a g-string for men?

While this style of underwear is believed to have originated in the strip clubs of Vegas, it’s an increasingly popular choice for men around the world.

The best option is to go with a specialist online retailer.

Can I sell my used underwear?

Lots of people have a fetish for underwear, and that can include buying a guy’s underwear after he’s worn it.

Online fetish sites are your best bet to tap into this market.

Where can I buy sexy underwear for men?

There’s an increasing demand for underwear for men that pumps up the sex appeal of what you’re wearing.

Whether it’s using some mesh in the construction or going with a material that’s a bit lacier or silkier than you might expect from men’s underwear.

A specialist online retailer will be able to provide plenty of options to choose from.

Is there a bikini style in men’s underwear?

Yes – this style is generally referred to as briefs.

The bikini style of men’s underwear was originally known as the jockey, because they originated from the jockstrap.

You will still see men’s bikini underwear advertised, but the more widely-used term is briefs.

Which style of men’s underwear is referred to as trunks?

Often advertised as men’s trunks or men’s trunk underwear, this is what’s generally known as boxer briefs.

You could describe them as a combination between the shape of boxers with the fit of briefs.

They’re shorts that have a snug and tailored fit.

What is men’s string bikini underwear?

When you hear string bikini underwear for men, you might assume that people are talking about a g-string or a thong.

However, men’s string bikini underwear generally refers to a style of men’s briefs.

While the genitals and the butt are covered by fabric, the design is extra revealing on the legs, with a narrow waistband or string holding everything in place.

Why does some underwear for men have a hole in the front?

This dates back to the evolution of underwear for men.

At one stage, it was common for men to wear neck-to-knee underwear that made it difficult to go to the toilet without getting completely undressed.

The hole at the front – which is generally referred to as ‘the fly’ – meant that a guy could urinate by simply opening his trousers.

Does men’s underwear contain nylon?

As a synthetic fabric, nylon doesn’t breathe and traps moisture.

That’s why you’ll rarely see men’s underwear made just from nylon.

However, you will see men’s underwear made from a blended fabric that might include nylon – this can help create underwear that’s robust and holds its shape.

How tight should men’s underwear be?

The fit of your underwear is a personal preference, but as you’re generally wearing your underwear all day then comfort is often a primary consideration.

When choosing underwear, use your waist size as a starting point.

If you take a 34-inch waist in trousers, then you’re going to be looking for the equivalent size in underwear.

Where can I get free underwear?

The general rule is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you want to try out some different underwear styles, the best bet is to sign up to the newsletters and social media channels of underwear retailers. That way, you’ll get access to any special offers or competitions.

An obsession with men in their underwear

We caught up with underwear enthusiast MattMan to talk about his obsession with what guys are wearing beneath their trousers.

When did you first become interested in men’s underwear?

It really started in my early teens, looking at my Mum’s mail-order catalogues and the men’s underwear pages. It was always exciting to flip to these pages and see the models in their y-fronts and slips.

Also, seeing guys changing at the local swimming pool fascinated me — seeing what pants they would put on.

When did you first realise that you had a sexual connection with men’s underwear?

I was about 13. There was a feature in one of the Sunday newspaper’s free colour magazines, showing an American Footballer and the amount of sports kit he wears for a game. The article included photos of the fit model, going from wearing just a jockstrap to full football kit.

A man stripped to just a jockstrap really hit the mark with me.

How have you explored that sexual connection or fetish over the years?

As soon as I was at an age to buy my own underwear, that’s when my fascination and fetish started to build. I’ve always loved briefs, never boxers. The thrill of getting home, stripping off, and trying them on was a real buzz for me.

When gay hook-up websites took off, it gave me a chance to express my interest in underwear further. My profiles always showed that I loved to play in underwear, the photos also backed this up. So it led to me meeting guys who also shared the same interest as me. For me, it was about keeping the undies on during playtime — well, mostly.

I also found some great underwear fetish websites online such as USG and In2Underwear, which connected me to guys online all around the world.

Chatting to other guys online, I knew there was a world out there full of guys like me, who loved to see pics of me and other models stripped down.

How do you connect with other guys with a sexual interest in men’s underwear?

These days it’s via social media. Twitter has opened up a whole new world of guys, who I can share my passion with and they do the same. I have some great online buddies, and some that I’ve met in person too.

Is there a level of exhibitionism with your underwear fetish?

Twitter is my outlet to show off. Mainly in underwear, sometimes less. I love the attention I get, that’s part of the thrill.

I prefer to keep my face out of the pics, so they’re mainly taken from the waist down.

Do your friends or family know about your passion for underwear?

Some friends know of my passion — the gay ones.

How many pairs of underwear do you own?

Currently, I’m at about 250 pairs of underwear - taking up a lot of drawer space.

I was at over 300 pairs at one point, but I’ve had a good clear-out of the older, worn-out pairs.

Which are your favourite brands of underwear?

So many to choose from!

My overall favourite has to be Cocksox — an Australian brand that just know how to make quality well-designed and fitted underwear.

Other brands I tend to favour are Aussiebum, Modus Vivendi, Addicted, Stud, and PUMP.

Which styles of underwear do you prefer?

I’m a briefs man, through and through. But I also love jockstraps, and thongs.

What are some of the next steps in exploring your fetish?

I’ve been to a few underwear-themed club nights in London, and that’s something that I’d like to experience more of. Plus, I’ve been to a few private house parties — where stripping off totally, or just to your undies, is compulsory. Surprisingly, I’m not shy!

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