Adore Delano on dating in drag

"It's been such a fucking shift…"

Adore Delano on dating in drag

One of the break-out stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Adore Delano has given a wide-ranging cover interview for the Pride issue of Alternative Press Magazine.

Adore reveals that being on Drag Race has changed the dating game in her favour:

“Dude. It’s been such a fucking shift. Even when I was just starting out, if somebody on Grindr found out I did drag, they’d instantly block me. It was not cool. It was not sexy. My eyebrows were shaved off. Now it’s so different. Now they sexualize you. I think it’s because they show us de-dragging on the show, and in ‘boy mode’ — whatever that means. It shows us as humans, which is good, but it’s also caused that fucking shift.”

Part of her new-found success in meeting guys could be the confidence that she finds in her performance as Adore:

“There’s just something about that makeup mask and that superhero wig that makes me feel like I could do anything, girl. When I’m in drag, I’ll hit on people and be flirty. When I’m Danny, I’m just chill, usually stoned. It’s pretty weird.”

But Adore admits that it’s not always easy to figure out if a guy is really into her or is just star-fucking:

“It depends on what part of the world you’re in. Sometimes I’ll show guys pictures of me in drag, and they won’t be into it. Then they’ll see the number of followers I have, and then they’re interested.”

For the moment, Adore is enjoying single life:

“Right now, there’s not really much of a love life. I mean, I’m a free spirit, and right now I work so much, and we’re on the road so much, that I just end up casually meeting people. If it gets serious then it gets serious, but I’m just focusing on my music.”

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Adore Delano photographed by Giselle Dias for Alternative Press Magazine (image supplied)
Adore Delano photographed by Giselle Dias for Alternative Press Magazine (image supplied)