B8M8: Beasts of the Night

A sexed-up spooky story to help get you in the spirit for Halloween.

B8M8: Beasts of the Night

Episode 3 from Halloween Horn

Paolo was used to dealing with wealthy clients. Paolo was a hustler, but he was a high-end hustler. The brothel where he worked had a reputation as being very discreet - very expensive, but very discreet.

In many ways, this client seemed to be just like all the others. Jensen. That was the name of the client - at least, Paolo assumed that it was the man’s name. Jensen was the only information that Paolo had been given.

They travelled in silence. Forty-five minutes of silence as they drove through a part of town that Paolo didn’t really know – large houses, wealthy, and private. Paolo assumed that they were driving to Jensen’s house.

As they drove, Jensen spent the entire journey studying his phone intently, constantly typing messages. Paolo gazed out the window of the car - admiring the Halloween decorations that were festooned all over the houses as gaggles of children in fancy-dress costumes delighted in their trick-or-treat traditions.

Paolo wished that he was able to go out trick-or-treating. He wished that he was somewhere with his family, enjoying this special time of year.

But Paolo was a hustler. Paolo had been hired for the night by Jensen.

Eventually, the car stopped and the driver opened the car door. 

Stepping out of the car, Paolo felt the cold of the night air - he was practically naked except for the black cloak that his owner had issued him with. The black cloak was the calling card of all the boys in the brothel.

Paolo drew the cloak around his body to try and stay warm. Jensen took hold of Paolo’s arm and escorted him up the steps and in through the front door of the imposing looking mansion.

They were met by a large but impassive butler who helped Jensen off with his coat.

“I’m going to get changed…” Jensen said to the butler. “Take the boy through and get him ready for the guests.”

The butler was a mountain of muscle - strong and powerful. Paolo felt small in his presence. 

The butler took the cloak that Paolo was wearing and hung it in a closet. 

Paolo felt exposed and vulnerable - he was left wearing only a black leather jockstrap, a black leather harness that framed his chest, black boots, and a black leather collar around his neck. 

Paolo followed the butler through the house and into a large entertaining room.

“Stand there…” instructed the butler gruffly. Paolo did as he was told.

The butler produced a bottle of oil, squeezed some into the palm of his hand and then began to apply it to Paolo’s body. 

Paolo shivered involuntarily at the touch of the big man’s hand but soon began to relax as he felt the oil being smeared across his back, across his chest, down his arms, and down his legs. 

Paolo’s skin was soon glistening all over with the sheen of the oil.

“Bend over…” instructed the butler. 

Paolo did as he was told - he was used to taking instructions. He was used to pleasing the clients however they wanted. 

He bent forward and supported his body against a nearby leather armchair.

Paolo felt more oil being applied – this time the butler squeezed the oil directly onto Paolo’s exposed boy-hole.

“Ungh…” moaned Paolo, as the oil made contact. 

Paolo could feel the butler’s fingers smearing the oil around his smooth boy-cunt.

“Fuck…” grunted Paolo, as the butler used his fingers to roughly push the oil up inside Paolo’s boy-hole. 

More oil was applied and the butler inserted more fingers, sliding them in and out, loosening up Paolo’s boy-cunt, getting it ready. 

Paolo looked back over his shoulder at the butler, watching him working away in concentration as his fingers were easily accommodated by Paolo’s well-used fuck-hole. 

Paolo was soon grinding his ass back onto the butler’s thick, probing fingers. 

Jensen entered the room and the butler immediately released his hold on Paolo and retreated into the darkness. 

Jensen was wearing a black leather harness that framed his powerful chest, black leather chaps, a black jockstrap, and big black leather boots. 

Jensen was not alone – he was accompanied by three other men. They all looked to be in their mid-40s, all dressed similarly to Jensen. Paolo could feel their eyes on him, he could sense their desire.

“Gentlemen…” announced Jensen. “This is our entertainment for this evening.”

Jensen ran his fingers down Paolo’s oiled up skin, turning Paolo around slowly so that he could be admired from every angle.

“The butler has begun to prepare him…” added Jensen. “He is ready to play.”

“How much can he take?” asked one of the guests.

“A very good question, Frederick…” smiled Jensen. “This whore is particularly experienced. I can assure you that he can take any discipline that you think he deserves. But first, let us blindfold him so that we can be free to be ourselves.”

Paolo was enveloped by darkness as Jensen fitted a tight blindfold into place. 

Paolo could no longer see Jensen and his guests, but he could hear them, he could feel them. 

Slowly their voices faded and Paolo could no longer distinguish what they were saying to each other, he could just hear their deep growls and feel their hair-covered bodies against his skin.

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