B8M8: Marius Goes Hunting

A sexed-up spooky story to help get you in the spirit for Halloween.

B8M8:  Marius Goes Hunting

Episode 2 from Halloween Horn

Marius pulled out of the parking lot and drove his car slowly around to the bar where he had been drinking earlier. 

The streets of Soho were thronging with people - it seemed like everyone was out for a big night this Halloween.

Marius pulled his car to a stop and waited in the car. He was waiting for the barman to finish his shift. 

José was the kid’s name. Marius had spoken to him earlier in the bar and had arranged to meet him at closing time.

It was just a few minutes after 11 PM when José appeared.

Marius lowered the window on the passenger-side so that José would realise that it was him.

“Fuck – nice car!” exclaimed José.

“Thanks...” acknowledged Marius. “You’ve put your shirt on?”

“Company policy...” winked José. “Don’t worry – show me your money and it will come off again pretty quickly. Where do you want to go?”

“We could go back to my place?” suggested Marius. “It’s a bit out of town.”

“I’ve got to meet my friends later...” replied José “There’s a Halloween house-party that I promised to go to. Could we find somewhere a bit closer to have some fun? Maybe one of the bathhouses?”

“There’s parking near Pleasuredrome at Waterloo?” suggested Marius.

“Perfect – the house-party is in Vauxhall, so that’s easy...” nodded José. “Let’s do it!” 

As Marius drove, José trailed his fingers down Marius’s thigh. Marius reached across and rubbed his hand along the back of José’s neck.

“You’re so fucking sexy...” growled Marius.

“So are you, Daddy...” complimented José.

José took hold of Marius’s hand and brought it to his mouth to kiss it. 

Marius pushed his thumb into José’s willing mouth - the young barman eagerly swirled his tongue around the older man’s thumb.

They were soon parked up outside the bathhouse. Marius paid their entry fee and they grabbed their towels and headed through to the locker area to get undressed.

“See – my shirt is off again...” grinned José, pulling his t-shirt up over his head and exposing his smooth, muscular chest. “Seems to happen a lot.”

“Here’s my money…” said Marius. “Show me the rest.”

Marius handed over a handful of notes which José quickly stuffed into the pocket of his jeans before unbuttoning them and pushing them down to his ankles. 

“Nice jockstrap...” admired Marius, as José stood proudly before him, displaying his gym-sculpted body.

“Everyone says that jockstraps make my ass look good…” winked Jose, turning around to present his tanned butt for Marius’s consideration. “What do you think?”

“I don’t think you need a jockstrap to make your ass look good...” grinned Marius. “But it’s going to look even better when it’s sliding up and down on my hard cock. Come on – let’s go find ourselves a cubicle.”

They both quickly finished undressing, wrapped a towel around themselves, and headed into the shower area of the bathhouse.

The showers weren’t busy - it seemed like most guys had Halloween plans that didn’t include a bathhouse hook-up.

Marius and José hung their towels on the hooks provided and stepped under the cascading warm water of the open showers.

“Feels good to be able to wash all of that beer and sweat off me...” sighed José, pumping some soap from the dispenser on the wall and beginning to wash his muscular body.

“Let me help you with that...” smiled Marius, stepping in close to José and beginning to explore the young guy’s body with his soapy hands.

Marius was hungry. He had to try and restrain himself but every fibre of his body ached to sink his teeth into the smooth brown skin of the barman.

Marius tried to distract himself by kissing the young barman - mashing their mouths together, their tongues wrestling, their cocks hardening as their bodies ground against each other. 

Other men were passing through the shower area and Marius was aware that they were beginning to attract some attention from the other guys in the showers. However, at this point of the night, Marius didn’t want to share José with anyone.

“Come on – let’s find a cubicle...” decided Marius, leading José out of the showers.

They grabbed their towels and quickly dried off before heading upstairs to the maze of small cubicles.

Each cubicle was helpfully equipped with a wipe-clean vinyl mat and a lube dispenser. 

Marius chose one of the larger cubicles. As soon as the door was closed, they dropped their towels and began to kiss hungrily.

José dropped to his knees and took hold of Marius’s cock – admiring it, feeling the weight and thickness of it. 

José glided Marius’s generous foreskin backwards and forwards - sliding the foreskin all the way forward so that it bunched up over the cock-head, enabling José to toy with it with his tongue before sliding it all the way back again. 

José began to kiss and lick Marius’s cock-head - working his mouth along the shaft of the cock, getting it wet and spit-slick.

“Yeah - that’s it, whore…” growled Marius. “Fucking worship that cock.”

José opened his mouth and engulfed Marius’s hard cock, swirling his tongue around the cock-head, breathing through his nose and pushing his head forwards to try and take as much of the cock as possible down into the back of his throat. 

José could soon feel Marius’s big swinging balls slapping against his chin. 

“Show me your fuck-hole, whore...” instructed Marius.

José released Marius’s cock from between his lips and turned around - kneeling on his hands and knees, presenting his ass for Marius’s inspection. 

“That’s it - pull those ass cheeks apart…” growled Marius. “Show me your boy-cunt, you cock-slut!”

José reached behind himself and spread his ass as much as possible to expose his smooth, hairless boy-hole. 

Marius spat onto José’s exposed fuck-hole and used his fingers to smear the spit around it - roughly pushing his fingers inside to loosen up his fuck-toy. 

Marius spat again - adding lubrication so he could slide first one and then two fingers in and out of José’s willing fuck-hole, getting him loose, getting him ready.

“Ready for my cock now, boy?” growled Marius

Marius could feel the young barman beginning to push back against his fingers, forcing them into his ass as deep as possible.

“Uh huh...” nodded José, looking back over his shoulder at Marius. “Give it to me. Fuck me with that big cock.”

Marius spat into the palm of his hand and smeared it over the head of his cock. He lined his cock up against José’s spit-slick fuck-hole and pushed forward. 

There was nothing gentle or patient about the encounter as Marius drove his thick cock into José.

“Ungh!” grunted José. “Fuck - take it easy!”

Ignoring José’s protests, Marius didn’t slow down or take it easy. He began slamming his cock in and out of the young barman.

Within a few moments, José’s body had begun to relax and he was taking the fucking that Marius was dishing out without too much difficulty. 

José arched his back and lent back against Marius’s thrusting body, turning his head back over his shoulder so that their mouths could meet for an urgent, messy kiss.

Marius wrapped an arm around José’s chest to support them both as he slammed his cock into the boy’s ass as deep and as hard as possible. 

Marius could feel the cum beginning to boil up inside him, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer.

“I’m going to cum…” growled Marius.

Marius began chewing on José’s ear and licking his neck - feeling the cum building for release, pushing him beyond the point of no return.

“Get ready, whore…” growled Marius. “Get ready for my load. Ungh! Fuck! Ungh!” 

As the cum began to shoot from Marius’s cock, filling José’s ass with his thick white load, Marius sank his teeth into José’s neck - sucking and slurping at the blood that quickly began to flow. 

Still riding the wave of pleasure from their fucking, it took José a few moments to realise what was happening but, by then, he was already feeling weak and light-headed from the amount of blood that Marius had drunk.

Holding the boy in his arms, Marius continued to fuck his softening cock in and out of José’s cummy ass as he hungrily lapped at the blood that oozed from the puncture marks that his teeth had made in the boy’s neck.

Once his hunger had been sated, Marius lay the unconscious boy down on the mat in the cubicle. He would live - the staff of the bathhouse would find him soon enough.

Marius wrapped a towel around himself and quickly rinsed himself clean in the showers before getting dressed and heading back out into the night. There was more hunting to be had on the streets of London.

There was more hunting to be had this Halloween.

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