B8M8: Werewolf With Benefits

A sexed-up spooky story to help get you in the spirit for Halloween.

B8M8: Werewolf With Benefits

Episode 4 from Halloween Horn

After work, Jason met up with his friend Franklin at the gym for a workout and a dating debrief.

“So, how did it go last night?” asked Franklin, as they were getting changed in the locker room. “It was dinner with that guy you met online, right?”

“Um, it was okay...” replied Jason.

“Just okay?” repeated Franklin. “No second date then?”

“He was a nice guy...” shrugged Jason. “Like, really good looking - very sexy.”

“But?” interrupted Franklin.

“Well, he’s just not really boyfriend material...” sighed Jason.

“What makes you say that?” asked Franklin. “Are you sure you’re not just being too picky? Why isn’t he boyfriend material?”

“Because he’s a whore...” said Jason.

“What do you mean?” asked Franklin. “That sounds like you’re being very judgmental. Remember, we don’t slut-shame - sex-work is work and just because he’s a sex-worker doesn’t mean that he can’t be boyfriend material.”

“Alright, point taken…” conceded Jason. “But I guess he’s just not the kind of boyfriend that I’m looking for. He spends his nights go-go dancing in gay bars and then meeting clients for overnights, whereas I want someone to sit on the sofa with - I want someone I can eat popcorn with while we watch romantic movies.”

“Okay, I get it…” laughed Franklin. “He’s maybe a Mr Right Now and not so much of a Mr Right. So, you didn’t have dinner with him?”

“Yeah – we had dinner...” confirmed Jason. “I paid.”

“Oh?” smiled Franklin, raising an eyebrow. “And what else did you pay for?”

“Well…” began Jason. “I did suck him off in the toilet of the restaurant, but he said that he’d give that to me for free.”

“You are one classy lady!” laughed Franklin.

“You’re not really helping, Franklin...” sulked Jason.

“I’m sorry Jase, you know I just want you to be happy...” smiled Franklin. “I know that you’re keen to meet someone and settle down, but maybe you’re just trying a little too hard at the moment? When you meet the right guy, you’ll know – it will just happen. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to find a boyfriend.”

“Yeah – I guess you’re right...” conceded Jason.

“Listen, why don’t you come to my place after work tomorrow night?” offered Franklin. “I’ll cook dinner, we’ll watch a movie – we’ll just hang out and forget about dates and boyfriends for a while.”

“But it’s Halloween tomorrow night?” said Jason. “You don’t have plans?”

“Well, we can go out trick-or-treating if you want to…” grinned Franklin. “But I generally prefer to avoid the chaos of Halloween.”

“Okay, if you’re sure?” said Jason. “Avoiding Halloween and having a dinner and a movie at your place sounds perfect - it’s exactly what I need. Now, let’s get this workout done so that we can get out of here!”

The next evening, Jason arrived at Franklin’s with a bottle of wine and an appetite for some of Franklin’s cooking.

“Red wine?” asked Jason, handing the bottle over.

“Perfect!” grinned Franklin, giving Jason an affectionate hug. “I’ve just made some spaghetti. We’re still carb-loading aren’t we?”

“I don’t think so…” replied Jason. “But spaghetti sounds delicious. Carb-loading activated!”

The two friends laughed and chatted over dinner, swirling the spaghetti around their forks, slurping it up through their lips, trying not to splatter it all over themselves as they ate.

“So, what movie do you want to watch?” asked Jason, as he helped Franklin load the plates into the dishwasher.

“Well, there’s that new one about the werewolves versus the vampires?” suggested Franklin.

“I love werewolves!” exclaimed Jason.

“I know!” nodded Franklin. “So do I! Besides, it is Halloween so it feels like we’re getting into the spirit of it a little bit. I’ll probably be able to rustle up a block of chocolate to give us the candy rush as well.”

Jason opened another bottle of red wine while Franklin fired up the television and got some extra cushions for the sofa.

“Jase – I’m just going to get changed out of my work clothes...” announced Franklin, heading into his bedroom. “Do you want to borrow something so that you’re a bit more comfortable?”

“Yeah, that would be great thanks, Frankie...” shouted Jason, as Franklin disappeared into the bedroom.

“Come and choose what you want to wear!” replied Franklin, speaking loudly so that Jason could hear him.

“Jesus, you get your clothes off quick!” laughed Jason, surprised to find his friend standing in just his briefs.

“It’s one of my special talents...” smiled Franklin. “I should probably list it on my LinkedIn profile.”

Being gym buddies, seeing each other get changed was nothing new. Franklin wasn’t shy about his body.

“What do you want - some shorts?” offered Franklin. “Or I’ve got these track pants?”

“I’ll take the track pants...” decided Jason.

“Cool – I’ll go with the shorts...” opted Franklin, stripping off his briefs and pulling on the loose pair of gym shorts.

“Free-balling?” grinned Jason.

“Of course!” winked Franklin. “After a day cooped up in a pair of briefs, my boys need some room to breathe!”

“Good point...” agreed Jason, stripping off his suit. “I’ll go commando as well.”

The two friends snuggled down together on the sofa and quickly became engrossed in the movie.

“Werewolves are so fucking hot!” whispered Franklin, squeezing Jason’s leg as he admired the ripped physiques and sweat-covered bodies of the marauding wolf-men.

“You’re hairy enough to be a werewolf!” teased Jason, running his fingers across Franklin’s hairy chest.

“Shhh!” scolded Franklin. “Focus on the movie!”

After a couple of hours of some amazing special effects, plenty of blood and gore, and lots of sexy werewolves, the credits began to roll on the movie.

“That was pretty good!” exclaimed Franklin.

“Trashy – but good trashy...” agreed Jason. “Thanks for dinner and the movie, Frankie. It was the perfect way to spend Halloween.”

“Yeah – I really liked it...” agreed Franklin, returning Jason’s hug. “It’s nice just hanging out.”

“Well, I guess I’d better make a move and head home...” said Jason, still holding Franklin tightly in his arms.

“Do you have to?” asked Franklin. “Why don’t you stay?” 

“Like a sleep-over?” asked Jason, releasing the hug and looking at his friend.

“Well, we don’t have to put any labels on it…” smiled Franklin. “Just, stay the night?”

Jason held his friend’s gaze and leaned forward to gently kiss him on the lips.

“Am I going to be big spoon or little spoon?” murmured Jason. 

Franklin smiled, kissing Jason back, gently - their lips touching only for a moment.

“Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it...” replied Franklin. 

They kissed again, more passionately this time but still feeling their way. This wasn’t something that they’d done together before but it felt comfortable, it felt like a natural progression to their friendship.

“It’s those sexy werewolves...” smiled Jason. “They’ve got you all horned up, haven’t they?”

“Looks like I’m not the only one...” grinned Franklin, reaching forward and rubbing his hand over the front of Jason’s shorts. “You’re as hard as a rock!”

They kissed again – there was more heat this time, their mouths mashing together, their tongues began to push and probe. 

“Bedroom...” decided Franklin.

He pulled Jason up off the couch and into the bedroom where they fell onto the bed together – passionately kissing, their bodies pressing together, their hands running over each other, their crotches grinding against each other.

Jason reached down and began to push Franklin’s shorts off, first exposing his ass, and then hooking the waistband of the shorts down over his hard cock. Franklin assisted and had soon wriggled out of the shorts.

“Your turn!” announced Franklin.

Franklin grabbed the track pants that Jason was wearing and quickly pulled them down and off.

They kissed again, hungrily, enjoying the feeling of their naked bodies pressed together, rolling and writhing around on the bed.

Franklin was on top and quickly spun around so that his face was positioned in Jason’s crotch, while his cock dangled in front of Jason’s face. 

Franklin began to kiss and tongue at Jason’s cock, toying with the generous foreskin, running his mouth up and down the thick shaft. Jason was busy doing the same to Franklin’s cock. 

Jason loved 69-ing with a guy - in some ways, it almost felt like you were sucking your own cock. When 69-ing, it seemed that the more pleasure that you were able to give to the cock in your mouth, the more pleasure that your own cock experienced.

Without dislodging his cock from Franklin’s mouth, Jason manoeuvred his body forward so that he could run his tongue up over Franklin’s balls and slurp it into Franklin’s ass. 

As Jason began to lick and chew on Franklin’s hairy man-hole, he could feel Franklin’s moans of pleasure vibrating around his cock. 

Jason loved rimming a hairy muscle-bear ass like Franklin’s and he went to town - slurping, spitting, chewing, and sticking his tongue as deep as possible inside his friend’s fuck-hole. 

Franklin released Jason’s cock from his mouth and sat up so that he could grind his ass back down onto Jason’s face.

“Fuck yeah, Jase!” growled Franklin. “Eat that fucking cunt!” 

Jason continued to push his face between Franklin’s ass cheeks, slurping his tongue in and around Franklin’s man-hole – it felt loose, it felt wet. 

Franklin spun his body around and knelt over Jason’s body – grabbing Jason’s hard cock to line it up against his spit-slick fuck-hole. 

Franklin lowered himself slowly, pausing slightly as Jason’s cock-head first breached his ass muscles, throwing his head back with the waves of pleasure as he sank lower and lower - Jason’s cock sinking deeper and deeper inside him. 

With Jason’s cock fully embedded inside his ass, Franklin leaned forward and kissed Jason deeply, tasting himself on Jason’s tongue. 

Jason pushed up against Franklin’s chest to support him and began to thrust upward with his hips, matching Franklin’s momentum while Franklin was grinding his ass down onto Jason’s cock.

“Jesus, Frankie…” growled Jason. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep working your cunt like that!”

“We’ve got all night, Jase…” grinned Franklin. “I’m just warming up! Go on – give it to me. Give me that load. It won’t be your last tonight!” 

Jason responded enthusiastically to the encouragement and began to drive his cock harder and faster up into his friend’s muscle-bear ass. 

Franklin was squeezing and grinding himself down onto Jason, massaging Jason’s cock with his ass muscles, while his fist furiously jacked his own cock.

Franklin was pinching and twisting Jason’s nipples as Jason continued to slam his cock deep and hard into Franklin’s muscular man-cunt. 

Jason could feel Franklin’s ass muscles grabbing onto his cock with each thrust, milking his cock-shaft as Franklin ground his ass down onto Jason’s hard cock.

“Fucking hairy man-cunt…” grunted Jason, feeling the cum beginning to boil up inside him, realising that he was reaching the point of no return.

“You like that hairy fuck-hole?” growled Franklin. “Slamming your thick cock into me? Are you going to breed my hungry hole? Bet you’ve been wanting to dump your cum deep inside me for years. Fuck yeah - give it to me. Slam that big cock into me. Harder. harder! Fuck yeah - give me that fucking cum!”

“Fuck…” moaned Jason. “Fuck, yeah – here it comes. Ungh! Fuck! Fuck!” 

As Franklin felt his friend’s cum begin to flood his ass, his own cock began shooting ropes of thick cum across Jason’s chest, splashing up onto his face.

Franklin collapsed down onto Jason’s cum-spattered body, Jason’s cock still deep inside his ass - the two friends kissed deeply with their combined cum and sweat sliding between their bodies.

“You should sleep over more often...” grinned Franklin.

“Any time…” laughed Jason. “Any time, you horny werewolf.”

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