B8M8: Mountain Men

Out here, the normal rules don't apply.

B8M8: Mountain Men

One of the most popular stories that I've written is one about the lumberjacks of Canada - Mountain Men.

Here's a sample.

As he was wandering along the trail, lost in his own thoughts, Robbie saw a man walking towards him. The man was wearing the uniform of the Forestry Commission, so Robbie decided to ask him if he knew where he could find Walt.
“Morning…” nodded the man, as they came within speaking distance.
“Hi there…” smiled Robbie. “I’m wondering if you could help me, I’m looking for my Uncle Walt?”
“Walt’s your uncle?” asked the man.
“Yes…” nodded Robbie. “I arranged to meet him up here. I saw his truck parked up, I was just wondering if he was up at the fire marshall’s hut?”
“Um, yeah…” confirmed the man. “That’s where he’s at. I’m not sure he’s expecting you, though - he’s kind of in the middle of something.”
“Oh…” said Robbie. “He’s definitely expecting me - we arranged it just this morning. But if he’s in a meeting or something, I can just wait. It’s no problem.”
“Let me come with you…” decided the man. “The guys there can get a bit jumpy about this kind of thing.”
“Oh, right…” agreed Robbie. “If you’re sure it’s no trouble? I should introduce myself - I’m Robbie.”
“Mack…” nodded the man, shaking Robbie’s hand. “You don’t look old enough to be out in these parts.”
“I’m on my summer break…” explained Robbie, as they walked along the trail towards the hut. “I’m staying with Walt, so we’re getting to know each other fairly well.”
“I bet you are…” nodded Mack. “This is the hut just up ahead. Walt’s inside with some of the guys.”
“Oh, right - thanks…” said Robbie. “Do you think I should knock and let them know that I’m here, or just wait outside for a bit?”
“Um, why don’t we have a look through one of the windows first…” suggested Mack. “Just to see how things are going.”
The window closest was fairly dusty, but as Mack and Robbie looked in they had a clear enough view of what was happening inside.
“Oh…” said Robbie, as he realised what he was looking at.
Robbie could clearly see Walt. Walt was naked and laying across the table. There were two men with him - one fucking his ass and the other fucking his mouth. Walt was clearly enjoying every inch of cock he was being spit-roasted by.
“Are you surprised to see your Uncle being fucked like that?” asked Mack.
“Um, no…” said Robbie. “Not really.”
“Does it turn you on?” growled Mack, moving closer behind Robbie - Robbie could feel Mack’s breath hot on his neck.
“Um, yeah - maybe…” nodded Robbie.
“You know, I was just in there…” growled Mack, moving his hands to Robbie’s ass. “I was just in there fucking your uncle.”
Robbie didn’t protest as Mack unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall down to his ankles. Robbie’s eyes were glued to the action inside the cabin, but he could feel Mack’s thick cock rubbing against his ass.
“Does it turn you on to know that this cock was just inside your Uncle’s sloppy cunt?” growled Mack, rubbing up against Robbie. “I just fucked your uncle with this cock, how about I fuck you too?”
“Uh huh…” nodded Robbie, beginning to grind his ass back against Mack’s hardening cock while continuing to watch Walt being spit-roasted inside the hut.
“Your cunt feels wet and loose already…” observed Mack, roughly probing Robbie’s ass with his fingers. “Has someone already fucked you today?”
“Uh huh…” nodded Robbie, pushing back to drive Mack’s fingers deeper inside.
“What a fucking slut-boy…” grinned Mack. “Who’s bred your cunt this morning - was it your uncle?”
“No, the neighbour…” said Robbie.
“Fuck…” growled Mack. “You’re just the kind of boy-whore we need around here. Nothing hotter than fucking a boy-cunt with another man’s cum for lube.”
“Ungh…” moaned Robbie, as Mack roughly pushed his thick cock inside.
“Is that what you wanted?” growled Mack. “You wanted to get fucked while watching your whore of an uncle getting fucked?”
“Uh huh…” nodded Robbie.
“Fuck…” grunted Mack. “This is so fucking hot - I’m not going to last long. You’re going to get my load, boy. Are you ready?”
“Ungh…” moaned Robbie, as Mack’s pounding increased. “Yes, sir. Fuck me - give that load. Breed me with cum!”
As Mack unloaded deep inside Robbie, he let out a loud roar. The noise was loud enough to attract Walt’s attention. Walt turned towards the window and locked eyes with Robbie. Walt didn’t seem surprised, he didn’t pause from being fucked from both ends. Robbie and Walt sort of smiled at each other, acknowledging in a way that up in the mountains, the normal rules don’t apply.

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