B8 M8: Bad Boys

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B8 M8: Bad Boys

In this Load, we've looking at erotic stories about bad boys.

Are bad boys the kind of guys that get your attention?

Bad Boys’ Book Club is a series of books, bringing together collections of erotic stories about encounters between men.

Volume 29 of the series kicks off with an Australian adventure.

Here’s some extracts from the story.

“Car trouble?” asked the guy, pulling up beside Dane.
“Thanks for stopping!” greeted Dane. “I was beginning to think I’d have to spend the night out here! I think I’ve run out of petrol, and I’ve got no phone signal.”
“We don’t get many tourists out here…” nodded the guy, getting out of his truck. “What brings you out this way?”
“I thought I’d be a bit adventurous…” shrugged Dane. “It looked pretty straightforward on the map, but I guess I didn’t really appreciate the distances involved. I’m Dane, anyway. Appreciate your help.”
“I’m Frank…” nodded the guy. “That’s my boy, Bomber.”

Dane watched as the passenger door slowly opened and Bomber climbed out, grabbing the fuel can from the back and brought it towards where Frank and Dane were standing beside the car.
“You couldn’t put some pants on?” asked Frank.
“It’s too hot…” mumbled Bomber.

Dane tried to be discreet but he couldn’t help but run his eyes over Bomber’s muscular young body. The boy was wearing work-boots and a dusty white vest, but no pants of any description.
“I was going to apologise for his appearance…” said Frank, eyeing Dane carefully. “But it seems like you don’t mind too much seeing my boy naked. Is that right?”

“Let’s call it $100…” said Frank. “For an extra $50 I’ll give you a turn on the boy.”
“What?” laughed Dane, unsure if he’d understood Frank correctly.
“Bend over the bonnet of the car…” instructed Frank, talking to Bomber. “Show the man what he’s paying for.”

“He’s taken a few loads already today…” said Frank. “He’s pretty much stretched and ready for you.”
“Is one of those loads yours?” asked Dane.
“No better way to start the day…” winked Frank. “What do you say, have we got a deal?”

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