Bathhouse Boys

The stories behind a gay sauna in London.

Bathhouse Boys

"Did you see the drama on WhatsApp last night?" asked Brent.
"No?" replied Charlie. "What’s going on?"
"In the group-chat for work?" explained Brent. "How did you not see that?"
"I never check that..." replied Charlie. "It’s just all stupid GIFs or stern lectures about folding towels."
"This is worth reading..." grinned Brent. "You know there’s been this ongoing drama between Sean and Mateus."
"Not really..." admitted Charlie.
"Honestly, sometimes I wonder if you’re even gay..." sighed Brent. "You have no flair for petty drama. Anyway, Mateus is always complaining that Sean’s team aren’t doing their job properly and that the place is never clean when he takes over in the mornings."
"Wait, that’s our shift?" said Charlie. "He says that we’re not doing our job properly?"
"Exactly!" confirmed Brent. "Well, you can imagine how that gets up Sean’s nose. Anyway, this has been going on for a couple of weeks, but last night it all went public in the staff WhatsApp group."
"What happened?" asked Charlie.
"Just the usual gay drama, to be honest..." shrugged Brent. "Sean accused Mateus of back-Stabbing him. Mateus posted some of the DMs that Sean had sent him. There was a lot of name calling and hair pulling. It was quite delicious."
"What was the outcome of it all?" asked Charlie.
"Jérôme eventually stepped in and told them to stop..." replied Brent. "He said that they needed to sort out their drama face-to-face."
"So we haven’t heard the last of it?" suggested Charlie.
"Definitely not..." grinned Brent. "Mateus is taking over from us at the end of this shift. I’m deliberately going to leave some used condoms in one of the cabins just to stir things up a bit."
"Genius!" laughed Charlie. "I’ll get the popcorn."

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