Bathhouse Boys

The stories behind a gay sauna in London.

Bathhouse Boys

"I’m just putting up the slings downstairs..." said Oliver.

"Cool..." nodded Charlie.

"When I’ve got them up, maybe you’ll be able to try them out?" suggested Oliver.

"Definitely..." grinned Charlie.

"Really? asked Oliver."

"Definitely..." repeated Charlie.

Oliver seemed to be processing that information for a moment, before heading back downstairs. Charlie smiled to himself. Oliver was an attractive guy. Charlie was pretty sure that Oliver was flirting with everyone, but Charlie was enjoying the banter, he was enjoying the possibility that there might be a bit of sexual tension between them.

"Any attention is a form of validation..." said Charlie, talking to himself.

"What are you saying?" asked Joe, suddenly appearing behind Charlie.

"Oh, it’s nothing..." laughed Charlie. "Just something I joke about with my friends."

"Why are you cleaning these mats?" asked Joe.

"Martin told me to..." replied Charlie. "He said that water had got underneath them and they were starting to smell."

"Oh, fair enough..." nodded Joe. "Have you seen Oliver?"

"I think he’s downstairs..." said Charlie. "He mentioned something about installing the slings."

"I’ll go and see if he wants me to test them out..." said Joe. "That moustache could really scratch an itch."

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