Bathhouse Boys

The stories behind a gay sauna in London.

Bathhouse Boys

"I can’t believe that we've finally opened!" laughed Charlie, arriving for the start of his shift. "I'm not sure I'm ready for an overnight shift."

"Got some Red Bull handy?" grinned Tomas.

"I’m going to need it..." nodded Charlie. "Once I get a few shifts in I’ll be okay, it’s just adjusting my body clock is going to take some time. Has it been busy?"

"It’s been chaos!" declared Tomas. "There was a stampede of horned-up punters when we opened the door at 4 PM. It’s been pretty solid since then, but seems to have calmed down a bit now."

"I'm not sure if I can remember any of the training..." admitted Charlie, watching Tomas checking in a steady stream of men.

"It’s all pretty straightforward..." shrugged Tomas. "It will come back to you. Who are you on with tonight?"

"Andrew is the manager..." replied Charlie. "So then it's me and Matt on reception and cleaning."

"Once this after-work rush dies down, it will probably be fairly quiet for most of the night..." suggested Tomas.

"That’s what I’m worried about!" laughed Charlie. "I might just curl up in one of those cabins and fall asleep! Have you had any dramas so far?"

"Nothing too major..." shrugged Tomas. "No one really understands the check-in process, so that takes a bit of explaining. Plus, everyone keeps complaining that things are broken or not working. But we haven’t had to call the police yet, so that’s a bonus. From a cleaning point of view, it’s mainly just picking up lube packets and wiping up cum."

"If only my careers adviser could see me now..." grinned Charlie. "Have you seen Oliver?"

"No..." replied Tomas. "I think he was in earlier but he’s gone now."

"Oh..." acknowledged Charlie.

"Why?" asked Tomas.

"No reason..." shrugged Charlie. "Just making conversation."

"Sure..." grinned Tomas. "Just making conversation? You’re not fooling anyone. The sexual tension between the two of you is making everyone uncomfortable."

"Don’t be ridiculous..." dismissed Charlie.

"Why don’t you just fuck and get it out of your system?" suggested Tomas.

"I kind of like the build up..." shrugged Charlie. "The anticipation. Once it’s done, it’s done."

"I guess so..." agreed Tomas. "But you can have sex with him more than once."

"I know..." nodded Charlie. "I just don’t want to rush this one."

"He’s not going to be your boyfriend - if that’s what you’re thinking..." said Tomas.

"I wasn’t thinking that..." replied Charlie.

"Sure..." grinned Tomas. "Whatever you say."

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