Best Gay Orgies Ever Filmed

Do they give out awards for this kind of thing?

Best Gay Orgies Ever Filmed

Cinema has blessed us with many gay orgies (more than you think), and today we’re checking out the hottest ones ever filmed. From mainstream group gay sex scenes like Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner’s fourway hookup in Bros, to well-known indie group sex scenes like that infamous Shortbus suck and fuck, to obscure artistic porn like the uncut, hairy French goodness in Equation To An Unknown, we’ve got you covered! Hell, some even have real cum in them. Like, they did that! Enjoy…

Equation To An Unknown (1980)

Interior. Leather Bar. (2013)

Hustler White (1996)

Under The Rain (2019)

Bros (2022)

Dry Wind (2020)

Shortbus (2006)

Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2012)

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