Channing Tatum Birthday, April 26th

Celebrate this talented man.

Channing Tatum Birthday, April 26th

Channing Tatum turns 43 this week, and the actor has given us many reasons to want to celebrate. Candles. Balloons. After all, it’s a birthday, we need to blow something. Help us ring in this Alabama boy’s 43rd year with a look back at his sexiest, and nudest, on screen moments.

Before ever getting naked, Channing Tatum grabbed his penis through his underwear in 2008’s Stop-Loss.

While most famous for his nudity in Magic Mike, Tatum first stripped nude on screen in 2011’s The Dilemma. Vince Vaughn catches Tatum in the act while spying on him, and even notices that he has a smiley face tattoo on his butt.

The same year that the world was blessed with Magic Mike, Channing delivered some awesome nudity in his romance The Vow.

But you’re here for Magic Mike, and we don’t blame you. Tatum worked as a male stripper when he was younger, and is an extremely talented dancer. His moves are on full display here, but it’s off stage that we get to see him naked in the bedroom.

2014’s Foxcatcher continued the trend of Channing Tatum only showing nudity from the back.

He took a brief unclothed hiatus, but came back with a vengeance, flaunting that incredible butt in both 2022’s The Lost City and 2023’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance. While his nudity in Last Dance is on a technicality - he slips us his crack during a private stripping routine - that bulge is no accident.

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