Declan does Down Under - a local's guide to Perth

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Declan does Down Under - a local's guide to Perth

Declan from Perth stripped off and stepped in front of David Broadway’s camera for CSA Models.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

How long have you lived in Perth?

I’ve lived in Perth my entire life.

What makes Perth a great place to live?

Perth is cool because it’s a nice middle ground – not too loud and hectic and not too quiet and dull. Just right.

What are some of the down-sides of living in Perth?

Sure, there are downsides to living anywhere. Personally, the biggest downside for me is that it’s a city that’s often overlooked and isolated.

Where do you go out in Perth?

I don’t really go out that much. When I do, it’s usually to see a movie or catch some food. I have a couple of spots that I like – I’m absolutely keeping them to myself.

Which is your favourite beach?

I don’t have a favourite – they’re all good in their own right. If I had to pick, Turquoise Bay is the prettiest spot I’ve been to.

Where do you go on vacation?

Usually when I go on holiday, it’s to visit my Mum. She lives in one of the most isolated parts of Australia – pretty much the middle of nowhere.

How did you get into modelling?

It was on a whim – half personal growth, and half wanting to earn a bit more money.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

I’ve got a bunch of work to do for university.