Drag Race alum Jessica Wild gets personal on queer podcast, Snowballing

Insights include how Jessica navigated the pandemic, an update on the drag scene in Puerto Rico, and what she's thinking about when performing.

Drag Race alum Jessica Wild gets personal on queer podcast, Snowballing

Jessica Wild first came to our attention as a cast member of Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jessica is now an international sensation – known for her high-energy shows and upbeat personality.

Jessica recently appeared on the podcast, Snowballing.

During the interview, Jessica reflects on some of the highlights of her appearance on Season 2 – including the Absolut Vodka challenge, and why she chose to perform as RuPaul on the first-ever Snatch Game.

Jessica also shares her insights into the Drag scene in Puerto Rico, as well as providing a masterclass in the catchphrases you can expect to hear from a Puerto Rican drag queen.

One of the ongoing segments of Snowballing is workshopping an erotic gay fiction story called Mountain Men. Jessica shares her thoughts on how a sexy Latina drag queen could make an appearance in the action – it turns out that she’s drawing on her real-life experiences to fuel our fantasies.

Jessica also plays the game, The Island – where you’re given three names and you have to choose whether to exile them from the island immediately, sleep with them once and then say goodbye, or keep them for company but no sex.

The options that Jessica had to choose from for The Island were:

  • Round 1: Madonna, Gloria Estefan, and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Round 2: Yara Sofia, Nina Flowers, and Lineysha Sparx.
  • Round 3: Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony.

Take a listen to the podcast to find out what Jessica decided!