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G-TV: People Need to Know

Evening everyone - sliding into your Sunday with a quick update.


Catch up on the latest edition of WanderCast. Stories that we're covering this week include a private healthcare conspiracy, the return of a beloved dog, a dramatic plane crash, and a true crime cooking mystery. Plus, there's a quiz! Get into it! You can get in touch with Gareth on Twitter @GTVlondon.

100 Heroes

On the anniversary of his birthday, we're celebrating the life and work of Magnus Hirschfeld.

100 Heroes: Magnus Hirschfeld
The gay man who changed the way we think about sexuality.

Reading List

Fuel your fap fantasies with Fillion's faux covers from Class Comics.


Underwear alert - it's a Code 22!


New underwear options from L'Homme Invisible.


Check out the latest scene from KinkMen.

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