Happy Birthday, Evan Peters!

A talented man who always has our attention.

Happy Birthday, Evan Peters!

Evan Peters turns thirty six years old this week, and he just so happens to be enjoying another fruitful awards season thanks to his role in Ryan Murphy’s controversial Dahmer Netflix series. In fact, he just recently snatched the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series. Go Evan go!

But we’re here with more serious matters. It’s time to check out the evolution of Evan Peters’ butt throughout the ages, from twinky to Fat with a capital F.

2012: American Horror Story: Asylum

We first got a taste when Evan Peters got hosed down by a man in an insane asylum. It’s equal parts homoerotic and disturbing. AKA it was produced by Ryan Murphy.

In the following episode two Peters bends over for a sadistic nun played by Jessica Lange. The butt’s looking firm and fine. The perfect accompaniment to his lean, athletic body.

2013: American Horror Story: Coven

Six episodes in, Peters, playing a sexy and disturbed man, has a freakout in a spiritual woman’s secluded cabin. Literally same tho?

Then in the following episode he has sex with a witch against a wardrobe. Look closely, and you’ll notice that a mere year after Asylum, Evan Peters’ butt is looking noticeably Fatter. And Fatter it will get yet...

2014-2015: American Horror Story: Freak Show and American Horror Story: Hotel

Ryan Murphy wasn’t about to not cast Evan Peters in the following two AHS seasons, but he only found these two brief opportunities to showcase Evan’s growing azz.

2022: Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

All of this leads us to Peters’ explosive role as Jeffrey Dahmer in the controversial Netflix series. He killed it as the notorious Midwestern serial killer, and with Murphy at the helm, found multiple opportunities to show off all of his hard work at the gym getting that ass nice and thicc.

Evan appears to have Hansel and Greteled his own ass! In the second episode he drops trou during a cavity search to showcase a positively breathtaking dumper.

In episode three he bends over and almost shows hole.

And then in the following episode he jerks off pantsless at a carnival while thinking of his crush Cameron Cowperthwaite.

Five episodes into Dahmer, Peters strategically covers a victim’s naked body with his own naked bod. The ass is definitely assing.

And there you have it! Happy birthday to that foine foine ass!

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