How do you masturbate? SoCalBrownCow

A bit of quality me-time.

How do you masturbate? SoCalBrownCow

I caught up with my Insta buddy SoCalBrownCow and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked-off?

I was 15 and it happened quite accidentally. I grew up in a very strict and religious home — I had no idea about jacking-off before this happened.

I was at school and had the most painful erection the entire day — I had to cover my hard-on with my books as I was going between classes. Once I got home, I was laying on my bed doing my homework, and the erection pain intensified. I moved a bit to shift the position of my dick and as I did so, I found that I got some relief from the pain, but the relief only lasted a couple of minutes.

As the pain returned, I did the same thing. After a few times of doing this, I just started moving my dick more — effectively humping my bed — and then all of a sudden, this feeling just came over me and then the most intense sensations was coming from my dick, along with a lot of wet stuff coming out of it.

At first, I thought I’d peed myself in a major way, so I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. When I pulled my pants off, I noticed there was this thick white ooze coming from my underwear. I then opened my waistband and there it was — a fully limp and relieved dick surrounded by a flood of cum.

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

I felt guilty. I cried. I honestly thought that I’d lost my virginity when that happened.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

At dinner with my parents that night, my mom sensed something was wrong. I then told them what happened and they remained silent for a moment. My mom then said — “Well, it takes two people to lose your virginity.”

Not satisfied with this answer, I asked her to call my doctor and she did. His response was a hearty laugh along with the following statement — “It’s natural. Don’t worry about it.”

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

Humping the bed 1–2 times daily was my only technique. No lube was used since I was — and still am — a heavy pre-cummer.

Can you remember the first time you talked to someone else about jacking off?

Beyond my parents, I didn’t say anything to anyone else about it for 10 years. It wasn’t until I connected with someone on Yahoo personals that I actually had a conversation about jacking off.

I was just then starting to come out to myself that I was gay, but he and I only met up so I could play with his feet — lick his soles and suck his toes. I’m still into that.

He showed me his dick, but he didn’t get hard and we didn’t do anything. But, when I was 32, I had my first 1-on-1 sexual experience with a guy from France who was living here in L.A. I jacked my dick and as I started to cum, he started sucking me and then he came seconds later. That was the second most intense orgasm I’ve ever had — after my first one at age 15. He actually choked because of the volume of cum that shot out of me!

How has your jack-off style evolved over the years?

I humped my bed until I was 19, then I decided to use my hands after watching gay porn once. I found this to be much cleaner since I wasn’t leaving fluid stains all over my bed and in my underwear anymore. For years, I would jack with my right hand — now I use my left hand.

What’s your preferred way to jack-off currently?

My preferred method is to let the guy I’m with do it to me — it’s far more satisfying that way. A well-lubed hand slowly jacking my dick while their other hand is tickling my ball-sack — or they’re licking my ball-sack — is the sure-fire way for me to cum like a fountain.

I prefer that the guy keeps jacking my dick as I’m cumming. It’s very intense, but I want make sure he gets it all out of me.

If I’m solo, then it’s just me with my left hand using System H2O lube while tickling my ball-sack. Occasionally, I like to open my slit just as I start to cum — the orgasm is extremely intense and my cum-load is obscenely large. I don’t like to edge myself, it just stresses me out.

What jack-off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

Just take your time. If you have a trusted friend within your age bracket, talk with them about your experience — chances are they’re trying to figure things out as well, so it would help if you both help each other out by becoming jack-off buds. It won’t negatively impact your friendship, it’ll enhance it.

Interestingly enough, about a year ago, my childhood best friend and I discussed our individual jack-off experiences for the first time — and we wished that we’d done it with each other back then. There would’ve been way less guilt and it would’ve brought us closer as friends.

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