Hung Israeli Swimmers Shower Off In “The Swimmer”

You'll probably want to add this one to your watch-list.

Hung Israeli Swimmers Shower Off In “The Swimmer”

The 2021 Israeli gay movie The Swimmer isn't just one of the hottest gay movies of the decade - it's one of the hottest gay movies of all time. We know them's fightin' words, but hear us out. Five shredded young men with nothing to hide cooped up together at a training camp for Olympic swimmers? It can't be wrong when it feels so right.

So what is The Swimmer about? The movie - which one critic eloquently refers to as a "bracingly clever celebration of youthful physicality" - stars the blonde and beautiful Omer Perelman Striks as Erez, a gay man competing against four other men at this elite training camp. At the end of the camp, one of these five swimmers will be chosen to compete in the Olympic Games. A gay man not used to hiding his queerness, Erez practically floats into the training camp, expressing his sexuality through everything from his clothes to his mannerisms. However Erez's coach - who the movie insinuates might be closeted - tells Erez to knock it off.

It's something that's easier said than done after Erez develops feelings for one of his competitors, Nevo (Asaf Jonas). In one scene, Erez shaves Nevo's pubic hair and grabs Nevo's crotch, but Nevo stops things before they get too gay. Spoiler Nevo: It's too late. Plus in another scene Nevo and Erez jerk off under the sheets in separate beds.

The majority of the nudity in The Swimmer can be found in the flick's two incredible shower scenes. Erez is the only one of the five actors to (inexplicably) stay clothed. Just eight minutes into The Swimmer, Ofek Nicki-Cohen grabs onto his cock and gleefully waves it around in a circle in front of his comrades. In the hottest nude scene in The Swimmer, Roy Reshef exposes his fat, perfect cock while play fighting in the shower alongside Ofek Nicki-Cohen and Asaf Jonas. This boyish nude fight scene is intended to highlight the thin line between straight machismo and gay sexuality. Ladies and gentlemen, swimming.

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