Make the most of your time in the gym

It's not just about taking selfies in the locker-room.

Make the most of your time in the gym

In a busy world time is precious — however long you manage to live for, your days are finite so you need to make each day and each minute count, and that’s particularly true of the time that you spend in the gym.

You only have a certain number of work-outs in your life, so you’ve got to get the absolute most out of each one — there’s no point wandering around the gym, checking yourself in the mirror, chatting a bit, resting on the equipment and then chatting some more — you’re there to work and you’re there to work hard.

Most of the battle is simply turning up and really being present in the gym, focused and motivated for your work-out, but if you’re really wanting to push yourself then there’s a couple of natural stimulants that can be helpful to get the blood pumping and drive you to push yourself as hard as possible.

  1. L.Arginine — this is an amino acid that when taken 15–30 minutes before your work-out has shown some real benefits increasing performance;
  2. Super Green Tea Diet — this is a bit of wonder-drug from Holland & Barrett, ostensibly designed to help with weight loss, it’s got a potent mix of caffeine and chromium which serves as an excellent pre-gym stimulant (take 15–30 mins prior to workout);
  3. XcelR8 — this is produced by Smart-Tec and it’s probably the most effective pre-workout stimulant that I’ve ever tried. You drink it about 30 minutes before your workout and you feel a noticeable buzz. No idea what’s in it and I’ve got a feeling that it’s now been withdrawn from sale in the UK, so it’s probably not that good for you — amazing results though.
  4. Coffee — caffeine is a tried and trusted stimulant, so whack down a double espresso before hitting the gym and you’ll be switched on and ready to pump some iron.