ManCrush: Antoni Porowski

The queer guy that always catches our eye.

ManCrush: Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski first came to our attention in the reboot of the series Queer Eye. But who is Antoni Porowski?

Early life

Porowski was born in 1984 in Montreal. His parents had emigrated to Canada from Poland.

While Porowski was at school, his family moved to the US.

Porowski moved to New York City to study acting.


While pursuing acting roles, Porowski worked in the hospitality sector in order to pay the bills.

In 2017, Porowski was cast as the food and wine expert in the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye. The series began broadcasting in 2018.

Projects beyond Queer Eye

Building on his success with Queer Eye, Porowski has released cookbooks and opened a restaurant.

Personal life

Significant relationships have included Joey Krietemeyer.