ManCrush: Jonathan Bailey

A talented guy that always has our attention.

ManCrush: Jonathan Bailey

Ripped. Hairy. Fat-assed. Model-hot. Openly gay. Any questions from the audience? Jonathan Bailey is the breakout star of season two of Bridgerton, and everyone and their DILF wants to see his nude scenes. Thankfully we have every single one of Jonathan Bailey’s nude scenes right here!

The beyond beautiful British babe dove head first into the world of on screen nudity in the 2016 comedy series Crashing. In Crashing Jonathan Bailey plays a 20-something navigating love, sex, life, etc. while crashing at an abandoned hospital with some friends. See Jonathan’s gay scene in Crashing, where he also shows his big penis bulge and pees next to a daddy in the bathroom!

But it was Jonathan’s nude scene in the very first ever Bridgerton episode that first got people talking. There are fat asses, and then there are fat asses, and Jonathan has the latter. His deliciously juicy butt takes center stage as he changes in the bedroom after sex.

Jonathan kicked off season two of Bridgerton with another great nude scene. If it ain’t broke. He gets out of bed for a the kind of gratuitous booty shot we’ve come to expect from Bridgerton.