Marvel gives us a gay super-hero in The Eternals

About time?

Marvel gives us a gay super-hero in The Eternals

Filming has now been completed on The Eternals – the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Eternals will give us the first gay protagonist in the MCU.

Locations used for filming included Pinewood Studios in London, Oxford in England, and the Canary Islands.

“We want the movies to reflect the audience and we want every member of our global audience to see themselves reflected on the screen…” confirmed Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

The expected release date for The Eternals is November.

The Eternals is one of the lesser-known branches of Marvel’s world of comics, and this seems to have emboldened the production team to take a few liberties in their adaptation to the big screen. Marvel Studios have confirmed that the film-version of The Eternals deviates in a number of respects from the comics that have been published.

So far, the synopsis for the film has been described as taking place shortly after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The Eternals are an immortal alien race. They have been created by the Celestials and they have secretly lived on Earth for over 7,000 years. They now need to reunite to protect humanity from the Deviants – the evil counterparts of the Eternals.

The cast includes Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, and Brian Tyree Henry.

It’s Henry’s character that is the gay super-hero. He plays Phastos. Phastos is married to his male partner and they have a family.

“He’s married, he’s got a family, and that is just part of who he is…” confirmed Kevin Fiege.