New music from Eli Lieb - Boys Who Like Boys

You'll want to add this bop to your Pride playlist.

New music from Eli Lieb - Boys Who Like Boys

Singer/songwriter Eli Lieb continues to forge his own path as a queer musician – crafting songs that speak from the heart and reflect the loves and lives of LGBTQ people around the world.

His latest release is the perfect bop to add to your Pride playlist – Boys Who Like Boys.

Wrecking Ball

Lieb initially grabbed our attention in 2013 with a cover of Wrecking Ball, which became a bit of a YouTube sensation.

Also in 2013, Lieb released his single Young Love, which put a gay relationship front-and-centre in a pop music context.

As Lieb’s songwriting has matured, there’s a depth to Lieb’s songs – they speak from the heart and demand attention.

Tracks such as Shangri La and Next To You ache with emotion.

“I never really plan out what my songs are going to be about and what I’m going to say…” explains Lieb. “They always just fall out of my mouth, almost like they’re being channelled. I’m never afraid of being an open book, so I always allow for any kind of song to come through me.”

“I always draw on personal experience for my songs. I don’t really feel like I’d be able to create something that people could really feel and relate to if I just made up stories…” adds Lieb. “It’s the fact that I’m always drawing from my actual life and experiences that makes the connection to the listener. We really all go through similar situations in life, and I like that people can feel like they aren’t the only ones who’ve gone through something like that.”

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