New swimwear from Modus Vivendi

Are you ready for some summer sun?

New swimwear from Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi presents the Gordian Knot Swimwear Line for those who are looking for a bit more revealing swimsuits than the usual ones.

The reason why this swimwear is a bit more revealing than other styles is that the Gordian Knot range is unlined – the fabric will hug every contour of your body, leaving little to the imagination.

This minimal aesthetic is inspired by the ancient Greek Myth of Gordian Knot – symbolising a complex or unsolvable problem.

This range is available in five colours – black, silver, gold, cobalt blue, and wine red.

As well as bold colours, the fabric has a metallic shine that shimmers in the sun.

This range includes low-cut briefs, classic briefs, brazil boxers, and jogging cut shorts.


Underwear: Modus Vivendi

Photographer: Panos Misailidis

Model: Theonikos Iyagbor

Location: Chalkidiki, Greece