Queers get political to fight fascism

Gays fight back.

Queers get political to fight fascism

In partnership with Berlin publication Boner Magazine, we conducted a quick survey of our readers to look at how LGBTQ people are responding to political developments around the world.

107 people responded to our survey.

We asked respondents how they would describe their political views — Left-of-centre, Moderate, Conservative, Right-wing, Other, or Don’t Know.

  • 79% of respondents described themselves as Left-of-centre or Moderate

We asked respondents to give recent examples of how they’ve engaged in political processes.

  • 85% of respondents have voted
  • 39% of respondents have participated in an online petition
  • 39% of respondents have contacted a politician
  • 28% of respondents have actively engaged with an action group

We asked respondents how happy they are with their current government.

  • The weighted average of this response indicates that LGBTQ are unsatisfied with their current government.

We asked respondents to list some of the key issues that are currently concerning them. The most common responses were:

  • Brexit
  • The Trump Administration
  • Equality
  • Health Care
  • Economic Inequality
  • Fascism
  • Climate Change
  • Poor treatment of immigrants and asylum-seekers

We asked respondents if they would take part in a peaceful protest if they felt strongly about an issue.

  • 82% of respondents said that they would.

LGBTQ history of activism

UK activist Peter Tatchell has been a leading voice for LGBTQ protest throughout recent decades. I asked Tatchell for his perspective on whether we’re seeing an emerging LGBTQ political consciousness in response to instances of fascism.

“LGBTQ people are playing, and always have played, a significant role in anti-fascist movements — not least because the extremists have traditionally targeted LGBTQ people, along with Jewish, black and immigrant communities…” explains Tatchell. “The current far-right populist movements often claim to be pro-LGBTQ, but this is mostly in order to bash Muslims. In truth, many of them are anti-LGBTQ and I’ve been on the receiving end of their homophobic abuse when I’ve spoken out against their racist and anti-Muslim propaganda.”

What next?
LGBTQ people around the world are becoming increasingly mobilised to voice their concerns and advocate for the issues that are important to them. It’s time to get involved.

Additional reporting by Torsten Schwick, editor-in-chief of Boner Magazine