Reading list: The Brigayde - Issue #10

atrick Fillion and David Cantero deliver another sexed-up superhero adventure for Class Comics.

Reading list: The Brigayde - Issue #10

The latest release from Class Comics is Issue #10 of The Brigayde – written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero.

Picking up from where we last left the action in this series, Issue #10 begins with heroic men of The Brigayde making their assault on the evil Reverend Freely’s conversion facility. All hell literally breaks loose as the Reverend throws everything he’s got at our heroes, desperate to keep them from putting a stop to his plans.

While Isaiah Shade battles dozens of the Reverend’s zealots, Red Velvet, Wisti, and Deimos descend into the bowels of the building, looking to free the Reverend’s prisoners and future “converts”. What they encounter and ultimately come to learn in that sub-basement is something they may not have been prepared for.

Elsewhere in the city, Golden Boy and Bullet scout ahead, as Byron and Felix finally have it out! Tempers flare and feelings are exposed bare as our two young heroes attempt to mend the rift that has grown between them.

As our brave adventurers’ attentions are turned elsewhere, Mayor Filigree puts the final, desperate stage of his plan into effect, and one thing is for certain – things will never be the same again for The Brigayde and the citizens of Gateway City.

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