Erotic gay fiction: Rent Boy

His name is Harry. Harry likes getting paid.

Erotic gay fiction: Rent Boy

As the name suggest, Rent Boy a story about a hustler, a rent boy. His name is Harry.

It’s a collection of stories really, a series of encounters and adventures as we follow Harry’s exploits through a series of episodes.

There are five episodes in this story:

Episode 1: Harry’s client is Boston — and he likes to film the action

Often all it took was a look, a wink and you were away. Sometimes Harry could tell if a businessman was unsure or nervous and needed a bit of encouragement. He would give them a shy smile, or ask them if they had a light, sometimes even asking them for directions — anything to get a conversation going, to let them know that they had found what they were looking for.

Episode 2: Harry’s client is a married man

“Got a light?” asked a voice from the dark. It took Brian by surprise a little. He had been caught up in his own thoughts, hadn’t really been paying attention to what was going on around him.
“Sorry, what?” said Brian, unsure if he had heard correctly, unsure if the question had been directed at him.
“I was wondering if you had a light?” said the voice again, emerging from the dark was a young boy — he hardly looked old enough to smoke.
“Um, no — sorry… I don’t smoke…” replied Brian.
“That’s okay — neither do I…” smiled the boy, “…I was just trying to start a conversation…”

Episode 3: Harry’s uncle gets him a job in a warehouse

“I’ve got a nephew…” began Morrison, “…my sister’s kid. Harry. He’s just turned eighteen, but you see he’s always getting into trouble — small, silly stuff, but my sister is worried that he’s getting mixed up in the wrong kind of crowd.” David nodded, not quite sure what any of this had to do with him.

Episode 4: Harry’s uncle takes him for a drink at a bar

“Is that your son?” asked Eddie, nodding towards Harry who got up from the table and headed towards the toilet.
“Nah — he’s my nephew. My sister’s kid” replied Frank.
“Does he work for you?” asked Eddie.
“Yeah — he’s just started really, I’m trying to help him out, trying to keep him out of trouble…” replied Frank.
“He looks like the kind of kid who gets into trouble easily…” nodded Eddie.

Episode 5: Harry finds plenty of action at the bar

“Can I get you a drink Steve, or did you come over just to make conversation?” asked Eddie with a smile.
“Well… I told some of my buddies about the kid here…” replied Steve, nodding towards Harry, “…I guess I was just wondering… whether he was open for business?”

If you enjoy a bit of gay erotic fiction, then Rent Boy could be a good way to pass the time.