Modus Vivendi: The Roommates

Clothing for the day after the night out.

Modus Vivendi: The Roommates

The latest campaign from Modus Vivendi is The Roommates.

Showcasing the FW23-24 collection, this is clothing designed for the day after the night out.

The Roommates campaign revolves around four friends who have just returned from a big night out. Their journey unfolds the next day as they come together to share breakfast, then indulge in leisurely reading, play basketball, enjoy a brunch filled with laughter, participating in cleaning duties, engage in a spirited workout, cook together and then relax.

It's a celebration of friendship, relationships, and modern life.



  • Photography: @joan_crisol
  • Models: @pepehomdedeu, @pablobrotonss, @salamanquez, @kino_luque.

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