Saturday sex stuff

School's in - let's get our hands on some knowledge.

Saturday sex stuff

Whether you’ve had the benefit of comprehensive sex education classes at school, or if you’ve had to figure stuff out through trial and error, here’s some gay sex facts that are worth a quick refresher on.

Today, we’re asking…

What’s the deal with semen?

Sperm and semen are two different things

Semen is what’s produced by the penis during ejaculation. Sperm, which are included in semen, are the tadpole-like cells that can be used to fertilise an egg from a female. Sperm carry half the number of regular human chromosomes, while eggs carry the other half required to form human life.

Semen only contains around five to 10 calories per ejaculation

Semen is mostly water. It’s also composed of sugars like fructose, prostate-produced proteins called prostaglandins, and enzymes.

There’s a crazy amount of sperm in each ejaculation

The average ejaculation is about a tablespoon of semen, and ejaculation contains about 15 million sperm. However, sperm makes up a very small portion of semen by volume.

There isn’t usually sperm in pre-ejaculate

Pre-cum is that clear, sticky pre-ejaculatory fluid — it’s made of prostatic secretions which come from the prostate. Sperm is only found in semen.

Sperm can survive for quite some time after ejaculation

As long as they’ve been deposited in a warm and wet environment, sperm can survive for up to five days. However, outside of the human body, they can only survive for a matter of minutes.

Certain everyday things can damage men’s sperm

Some of the top culprits that could damage your sperm include regular smoking, excessive heat, and being overweight. Having lots of hot-tub sessions is likely to be bad for your sperm. There’s some suggestion that constant use of laptops could also be bad for your sperm.

Sperm goes from creation to ejaculation in about three months

It takes around 64 days for your body to produce sperm, then around 24 to 28 more days for it to be transported and ejaculated.

The pineapple myth

So far, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence that demonstrates that you can change the taste or smell of your semen. If you’re healthy, it shouldn’t bad. There is some suggestion that smoking can make your semen taste a bit toxic. There’s nothing to confirm that drinking pineapple is going to improve the flavour, but it’s worth a try.

The consistency can change from day to day.

Hydration is one major factor in why you emissions can be a very slippery liquid one day and thick and gloopy the next — the more water you drink, the thinner it will be. There’s also some biology involved — some of the semen is in a gelatinous phase until it meets up with prostate enzymes. When those combine, everything liquefies to a smoother consistency, but sometimes the process doesn’t finish before you ejaculate. That’s why you may notice a gel-like consistency in your semen.

If you freeze your semen then your sperm will die

Fertility clinics freeze sperm in liquid nitrogen. Any DIY attempts to freeze your semen will kill your sperm.

It’s extremely unlikely to be allergic to semen, but it’s possible.

If you were allergic to the stuff, you’d know it. Symptoms would include itching, swelling, and redness wherever the semen comes into contact with your body. An allergy to semen is very rare.

Men produce a crazy amount of sperm in a lifetime.

If you’re producing normal levels of sperm, then your body will create around two trillion sperm throughout your lifetime. Sperm production slows as you get older. Not all of those sperm make it to ejaculation, most guys ejaculate about 700 billion sperm — that equates to around 7.5 litres of sperm.