Stalker Craig: No More Secrets

Tackling the trauma of online harassment.

Stalker Craig: No More Secrets

The latest book from Jameson Farn is Stalker Craig – an exploration of the impact of online stalking and harassment.

I caught up with Jameson for a behind-the-scenes look at the book.

This book documents a fairly traumatic experience, why did you decide to share the experience in this way?

From day one of when the online harassment started and knowing his character, that he had also done this to others, I had screenshot everything he was posting – and continues to post – online, through a myriad of fake profiles. And I’ve kept all the emails and text messages for the police and legal team as evidence that has accumulated since the middle of 2015.

There was no plan to write a book about it, especially when I felt defeated by him through the various escalating ways he was going after me and those around me.

After coming out of the other side of it though, even as it continues, I wanted the book to hopefully inspire others going through a form of cyberstalking.

It also seems to be a subject not talked about when it is done by others in the LGBTQ community and I wanted to provide a voice of support to others.

Was writing the book a therapeutic process in any way?

The book has been very therapeutic as I have been able to consider things more from all angles as I went through the timeline of it all. And at least from my perspective, I can see how I have grown through these past years, what I will and will not put up with in a friendship, simply because someone wants something or may be jealous, and I am more aware of when a pattern of abuse may be starting.

How has the experience of online stalking and harassment changed you?

My personal privacy settings are definitely set on high and I’m a much stronger person.

It’s only been in the past year where I have felt more comfortable posting any personal photos online again or even in revealing more about myself.

Since the stalker has also gone after those closest to me that I love, they have also become more aware of how important privacy can be.

For my work, I still have to put everything out there for business to continue to grow, but it also gets monitored on a daily basis in case anything odd pops up in response.

In an unexpected way, I have taken a greater interest in privacy and social media, and have been able to obtain, help and protect my clients in business matters, so that has been one big benefit.

I truly believe privacy is the last luxury now.

What advice would you give to someone who feels that they are being subjected to online stalking or harassment?

If you have a gut feeling you are starting to be harassed online, never respond to the person as that is what they want. Screenshot and save everything.

Then, report it – not only to the administrators of the platform it is on, but also tell friends and family, along with the police so that a file can be set up.

I made the mistake of thinking my former friend was just mad over a slight disagreement and I responded to him at first. When that wasn’t enough, he escalated in his actions very quickly and would even be at it up to 8 hours a day, every day at one point, and has built a community of fake profiles on Facebook and elsewhere. During much of that time, I kept quiet, thinking it would go away and oddly feeling sorry for him and wanted to protect him as obviously something was not right on his end.

Forget feeling bad for the person though, especially if the individual has zero care for your well-being and starts sending death threats. Tell everyone – it’s the only way for it to at least slow down a little, if not stop. And seek legal help. Make use of the court system.

What do you hope that people feel when reading this book?

I hope people feel inspired in some way from the book. Know that it’s important to stand up for yourself and from day one. That what the person is doing to you isn’t an indication of what you are like as a person, but rather speaks volumes of their character. And that even though they may think and state they have the power over you, don’t let them. Stand your ground and keep a level above their antics. Deal with it properly through the authorities as eventually, their day will come and it will hopefully come to a full stop.

Stalker Craig is now available