That Time Orlando Bloom Stuck A Nightstick Up His Ass

That's talent, right?

That Time Orlando Bloom Stuck A Nightstick Up His Ass

Birthday boy Orlando Bloom turns forty-six years old this weekend, and we’re marking the occasion with the most insane scene he ever filmed. What’s really crazy is that even some of his biggest fans don’t know about this one. In the 2017 drama Retaliation, Will Turnter herself stripped nude to stick a nightstick up his bottom. Questions? We have answers.

This divisive movie was hailed by some as Orlando’s career-best, and others as gratuitous Oscar bait too reliant on shock value. Why can’t it be both? The unquestionably shocking scene goes down just over ten minutes into Retaliation.

A tatted and muscular Bloom contemplatively scoops up a handful of Vaseline to lube up his nightstick. He then heads towards the mirror, and catches his own reflection as he inserts the nightstick in his anus. The viewer is treated to that incredible body, his ageless ass, and even a hint of pubes. Now this is a birthday ya’ll!

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