The Advancement of Sex Dolls

Interested in an anatomically correct sex toy?

The Advancement of Sex Dolls

For many people, when they think of sex dolls their mind goes straight to those iconic, blow-up dolls with the gaping mouth and wide eyes that look they’ve seen a horror. Whilst these squeaky, vinyl abominations are quite an advancement from their 17th century predecessors, it’s fair to say that the sex dolls available for purchase nowadays make their outdated, blow-up cousins feel more like the crudely made masturbatory dolls of yesteryear.

Although blow-up male sex dolls do exist, the gay community has arguably been vastly under-represented when it comes to the topic of getting it on with a plastic person. However, are changing this. In an effort to promote inclusivity, the aptly named site have been selling male sex dolls for just as long as their female units, and although male sex dolls still account for less than a quarter of the company’s sales, they continue to push the animatronic models in the hopes of a significant increase in the representation of multiple communities.

Company spokesman Nick is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and refuses to follow the general expectation that a sex doll website should cater exclusively to heterosexual tastes. Despite not making nearly as much money as their triple-holed counterparts, still strive to market their male dolls to female and gay communities alike.

Not only are these beautifully crafted marvels of sex dolls more life-like than ever before, they also have the capability to be fully customizable. Eager shoppers can build the doll to their own specifications, with choices ranging from eye colour and hairstyles (of the upstairs and downstairs variety), to toenail colour and nipple size. This really is a demonstration of how far production technology has come.

Technological and aesthetic advances aside, these dolls can offer more than just pleasure. With the remarkable offer of a bespoke doll, the option of a sexual partner is virtually unlimited. Through the process of personalisation, it gives anyone the chance to create their dream man for both in and out of the bedroom. However, for those who struggle to form bonds with other humans and are sometimes left feeling isolated, these dolls offer a chance for them to have a form of companionship.

Many customers have purchased a doll for the simple joy of companionship, whilst others have had one commissioned to fulfil their sexual needs. Whatever the reason for introducing a sex doll to your life, if its presence is what finally lifts the dismal cloud of loneliness that’s been hanging over your head, then it’s a positive investment.

The warmth and genuine intimacy that can be found in the creations of sex dolls is just as much an advancement, in the world of sex toys, as their astounding technological capabilities. So, whether you’re buying a chiselled love-machine to fill a hole in your life, find a little companionship, live out your wildest fantasies, or just for a rigorous love-making session, is the place to go.

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