The campaign continues for an AIDS memorial in London

#AIDSMemoryUK are planning a series of events to raise funds and awareness.

The campaign continues for an AIDS memorial in London

#AIDSMemoryUK – the official campaign for a permanent AIDS memorial in London – is planning a series of events to raise awareness and funds.

The objective of #AIDSMemoryUK is to establish a permanent and accessible to all AIDS memorial in London. The proposed location of the memorial is on Tottenham Court Road – close to the former Middlesex Hospital, which was the first AIDS ward in London. The proposed site is also close to James Pringle House, which was the sexual health clinic that saw some of the first patients living with HIV, and also the Bloomsbury Clinic, which was one of the busiest sexual health clinics in the UK.

#AIDSMemoryUK was established by Ash Kotak in 2016, and has secured widespread support in the bid to establish a permanent memorial in London.

Participating venues in the event series will include:

  • Halfway to Heaven
  • Phoenix Arts Club
  • The Old Ship
  • Zodiac Bar London
  • West5
  • The Glory
  • The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

“Memorialising the victims of HIV/AIDS through this project will not only help us to remember those we lost in the past, but remind us that we must do everything we can to help people right now who are unnecessarily dying of HIV/AIDS around the world…” said Lord Fowler – a patron of #AIDSMemoryUK. “We have already lost 35 million lives from AIDS and there are about 70 nations around the globe where homosexuality is a criminal offence. We must turn the tide on this.”

You can support #AIDSMemoryUK through their crowdfunding campaign and follow them on Twitter to keep up-to-date with their events.