The Happy Prostate: A Journey To Orgasmic Bliss

It might take a bit of practice, but it's worth paying attention to the fun you can have with your butt.

The Happy Prostate: A Journey To Orgasmic Bliss

Matt Hinrichs has been doing some hands-on research to better understand how men can maximise the pleasure from their prostate. He’s pulled together all of his insights in a book – The Happy Prostate: A Journey To Orgasmic Bliss.

We caught up with him for an in-depth look at what’s he’s found out.

Are you able to estimate how many hours you’ve spent researching prostate-related pleasure?

Well, if you’re going by the maxim that spending more than 1,000 hours on a subject makes you an expert, I’d say that I’ve nailed this subject.

Is the multi-orgasmic potential of our prostate something that we generally start to explore as we get a bit older?

Actually, many of us get an inkling of the potential as young boys – with the occasional pleasant, non-sexual ‘tingles’ coming from down there.

With the onset of puberty, however, the pleasurable qualities of the prostate take a back seat to stroking the dick for a great ejaculation. That way of thinking pretty much stays with us for the duration, so there’s a lot of stuff to un-think to get those fantastic prostate-based orgasms.

Should the pleasure potential of our prostates be taught as part of sex education in schools?

I think everyone benefits from knowing what the prostate is and how it functions – glands are the unsung workhorses in our bodies! As for sex-ed, I believe this book would make a handy text for a college-level course – the content is for adults only.

A lot of men only think of their prostates in terms of the risks of prostate cancer. Does our prostate have an image problem?

Sadly, most of us don’t really learn about the prostate until middle-age and older, when it starts to enlarge from disuse and ageing. The great thing about stimulating the prostate for pleasure is that this keeps our glandular buddy engaged. Most of the available studies have found that an engaged prostate pumping out more fluids is a healthier prostate.

Is unlocking the pleasure potential of your prostate something that’s best done solo, or is it something you can explore with a partner?

For training the prostate to become multi-orgasmic, solo is the ideal situation. The plan covered in this particular book requires a fair amount of ‘alone time’ to get acquainted with a prostate massager and the muscles involved in moving it around. However, this plan can also be great for couples to explore together – especially gay male couples.

Is prostate pleasure something that only gay men get to experience?

No – it can also be experienced by straight men and trans people. For straight guys, there’s generally a lot of apprehension involved in exploring prostate pleasure – “If I’m turned on by sensations in my butt, does that make me gay? – that sort of thing. I’d advise them to calm down, enjoy the journey, and rest assured that something as simple as a plastic prostate massager will not change your sexual orientation.

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