Theo James Fully Nude In The White Lotus Premiere

Fingers crossed that this butt will feature in a rimming scene!

Theo James Fully Nude In The White Lotus Premiere

The highly anticipated second season of the HBO Max anthology series The White Lotus kicked off this weekend, and Theo James made it an event to remember by getting fully naked!

Yes, this is the same Theo James who just stripped down for a staggering eighteen nude scenes in another 2022 series - The Time Traveler's Wife. He played a pornographically hot time traveling Chicago librarian, only able to time travel in the nude. Same tho? Six episodes in he even flashed his penis and balls in two scenes!

Speaking of. In The White Lotus Theo plays a married bro vacationing with his wife, his college roommate, and his college roommate’s partner, played by Aubrey Plaza. They’re all staying at the ultra lux The White Lotus resort in Sicily. In a very shocking scene, Theo casually changes into his bathing suit in front of Plaza in her own hotel room. In addition to seeing his fat ass, audiences were treated to a look at Theo James’ huge Sicily willy!

Season two of The White Lotus is starting off even nuder than season one, and as Theo James seems to have an allergic reaction to clothes, we’ll be watching out for even more nudity from him in the coming weeks.

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