Where to find the best ice-cream in London

The weather is always right for good ice-cream.

Where to find the best ice-cream in London

Nothing beats a good ice-cream, right? When the weather starts to get a little warmer, or if you’re out and about and wanting to treat the kids (or yourself), some quality ice-cream or gelato can really put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

However, not all ice-cream is equal. If you’re visiting London, you could probably benefit from a bit of local knowledge on the best ice-cream options for your money and your taste-buds.

After many years of extensive research, here’s my favourite places to find a sweet treat in London:

La Gelatiera — Covent Garden

  • You’ll find this small cafe-style ice-cream store on the edge of Covent Garden, in New Row.
  • You’re in the midst of theatre-land, so if you’re seeing a show you can grab a quality ice-cream during interval - if you’re quick on your feet.
  • La Gelatiera make their ice-cream on the premises (in a small basement kitchen). They make good coffee too. It’s only a small space, so there’s not a huge range to choose from, but everything that they’ve got there is fresh and good.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s options like Basil & Chilli, but there’s plenty of traditional flavours if that’s more your thing.

Gelupo — Soho

  • Archer Street in Soho is one of London’s surprisingly interesting streets.
  • In the midst of the theatres and creative industries, there is Jacob Kenedy’s exciting Italian restaurant Bocca Di Lupo and across the road is its dessert off-shoot, Gelupo.
  • The gelato and sorbet menu changes regularly - my favourites include Fresh Mint Stracciatella, Ricotta & Sour Cherry, and the Caramel & Liquorice.
  • Gelupo is the perfect ice-cream destination whatever the weather.

Udderlicious — Islington

  • The stylish neighbourhood of Islington is one of London’s best — the perfect precinct for wandering around and exploring on a weekend.
  • One of the highlights of a visit to this neighbourhood is ice-cream from Udderlicious on Upper Street. They also have an outlet in Covent Garden.
  • A great range of flavours and top quality ice-cream, made on the premises from organic milk.
  • I generally opt for the peanut butter and chocolate, matched with a big scoop of Nutella-flavoured ice-cream. Heaven.

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