A relaxing encounter with BearTiger

This is the kind of holistic massage that I can really get into!

A relaxing encounter with BearTiger

After speaking with BearTiger as part of the Naked Men Talking podcast - and learning about his massage skills - it was an obvious move to schedule a session with him and experience his work first hand. I really enjoy getting a massage and I liked the vibe of BearTiger.

BearTiger runs his business out of his flat in Clapham Junction - in terms of public transport, one of the most well-connected neighbourhoods in London. His flat is literally one block from Clapham Junction station.

I like that BearTiger has a room dedicated to his massage business - the table is set up, the music is on, the towels are ready. There’s a sense of confidence when he greets you at the door - you know that you’re in safe hands.

Although I’d spoken with BearTiger before, this was my first time actually meeting him face-to-face. He’s got a great energy - warm, softly spoken, and really present.

We kicked things off with a hug - BearTiger gives very good hugs - then talked about the intention for the session. I was a bit jet-lagged and my back was tight - I was up for a relaxing massage - something that BearTiger specialises in.

I stripped off and lay face down on the massage table. I’m not the best at relaxing but feeling BearTiger’s firm and confident hands working up and down my body, it was absolutely blissful.

Turning me over, BearTiger got to work on my front - my arms, my chest, and my head.

From this perspective, I was able to admire every inch of BearTiger’s impressive physique - physically, he’s a very attractive man, and he’s very tactile.

But there’s more to BearTiger’s work than just a relaxing rub-down, he works holistically - he talked me through the areas of tension that he’d encountered in my body, things I could try to stretch my body out, to relax more. Really useful advice all delivered with tenderness and amazingly good hugs.

If you were new to relaxing massages, or maybe just starting to explore what male-on-male intimacy feels like, BearTiger is the perfect introduction. There’s no pressure, no expectation, just a unique opportunity to relax, to be seen.

The simple act of physical contact, of touch, can be incredibly powerful - it’s something we often don’t realise that we’re missing from our lives. If you can get yourself to Clapham Junction, a relaxing massage with BearTiger is going to make everything feel a lot better.

To book a session with BearTiger, you can contact him via email - his details are on his Instagram and his Twitter.

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