Best Celebrity Penises Of 2023 - Full Roundup

Admire every inch of these talented men.

Best Celebrity Penises Of 2023 - Full Roundup

2023 was full of beautiful men who shed more than just their inhibitions on screen.

With one of the most packed slates of explicit gay independent movies of any year in history, it’s no surprise that 2023 delivered tons of mouth-watering packages.

We did the hard work by going in deep to bring you the year’s best penises from movies and television.

We’re talking Matt Bomer’s bottom washing his penis off after sex in Fellow Travelers, viral star Jack Armstrong’s stunning full frontal in Patterns, the real gay sex in Rotting In The Sun, firefighters playing with their hoses in Will-o-the-Wisp, and so much more. 2023, you did that. You did that…

See the full NSFW playlist of 2023’s best penises here

David Tomlinson
Jack Armstrong
Michael Bolwaire
Josh Lavery
Diego Escobar
Benedict Garrett
Lee Roy Kunz
Andrea Di Luigi
Andre Cabral

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