Turning 48

A birthday celebration in London.

Turning 48

Today I’m celebrating my 48th birthday.

Well, kind of. I'm in London - we're in lockdown.

I'm not a huge fan of birthdays at the best of times, but when you're stuck at home and everything is closed, it's hard to escape the feeling that it's a bit of a non-event.

Age is undeniable. I catch myself in the mirror and don’t immediately recognise myself. My beard seems surprisingly grey. Even when I clench my stomach muscles I can’t conceal my middle-age spread. Policemen look alarmingly young.

But I’m determined to embrace my late early mid-40s. I think I’ve probably had my mid-life crisis. These days, I seem to be able to muddle through most things without too much drama.

48 feels okay. I’ve got my health, a winning personality, good friends, and a family who loves me. 48 feels okay.

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