Celebrating the Daddies in our life

We're all trying to work through our Daddy-issues as best we can.

Celebrating the Daddies in our life

Daddies aren’t just for Father’s Day.

It’s generally a good idea to spend as much quality time as possible with the man who raised you, but anyone who answers to Daddy is always worth admiring, appreciating, and celebrating.

Do you have Daddy Issues?

Whatever age you are, a bit of intergenerational role-play can definitely be a bit of fun – this is a fantasy role-play that’s universally referred to as Daddy/Son.

If you look at the data for any gay porn platform, or read a bit of gay erotic fiction, or just spend a bit of time immersed in gay Twitter, you’ll appreciate that Daddy/Son scenarios are often at the top of the list of what fuels our fap fantasies.

But what draws a lot of gay men to explore a Daddy/Son role play in their relationships and their hook-ups? What is it about inter-generational encounters that excites us and turns us on?

“Just because the body ages, that doesn’t mean that we stop desiring healthy bodies…” explains sexologist Justin David Duwe. “This is programmed into our DNA. Humans are attracted to healthy bodies. Younger bodies tend to be healthier than older ones, so that’s probably one reason for why older men are attracted to younger men. In terms of younger men, they tend to look at older men as a replacement father figure, or see them as having a characteristic that they don’t possess.”

What’s the appeal of dating younger guys?

There’s lots of reasons why intergenerational connections work. Young guys have lots of energy and enthusiasm – they’re pretty much horny all the time.

Hooking up with a university undergrad is also a good opportunity to explore your teacher/student role-play fantasies. Does he need to be kept back for detention? Perhaps he needs to be disciplined? Maybe you need to put him over your knee and see how he likes being spanked?

Another of our favourite role-plays is to be the Coach who takes charge of an eager but inexperienced player. Maybe your student is on the wrestling team, or the swim team – either way, it’s going to be a sweaty workout before you both get to hit the showers.

Are younger guys interested in connecting with guys who are a bit older?

You can’t really assume what a guy is going to be into. Sure, a young undergrad might be only interested in hooking-up with other students, or water polo players, or guys who can speak three languages. But we’ve all got Daddy issues in some form or another, and it’s pretty clear that there’s plenty of young guys who are totally into hooking up with someone a few years older or from a completely different generation.

It doesn’t have to be a whole Daddy/Son role-play, but young guys are often looking for someone with a bit of experience, someone who can show them the ropes, and someone who could occasionally pay for dinner.

Two dads are better than one?

One fantasy that seems fairly common, is when a gay couple  -  who might be in their mid-40s or older – decide to bring a younger boy into their relationship to spice things up a bit.

I asked sexologist Justin David Duwe why that scenario might be appealing to the couple.

“Because they’re probably very bored with one another and are hoping that bringing in a distraction will fix their issues with desire and sexual functioning…” explains Duwe. “Most gay men have tremendous difficulty with conflict resolution, or the creation of emotional connections  –  which we generally refer to as intimacy.”

“In terms of why that scenario might be appealing to the boy involved…” continues Duwe. “He may feel special, or feel as if the arrangement offers him the opportunity for financial gain or social status. He may think that it’s possible that one of the couple will have a relationship with him. It may be just plain sexual attraction and nothing more.”

Political Daddies

For the Naked Men Talking podcast, I recently caught up with Robert Thompson - a podcast host, a political activist, a calendar model, and the man behind Dads Against Deplorables.

In the conversation, we talked taking inspiration from Carson Jones and Jason Kelce, the allure of the XXL version of life, and the power of getting naked as political protest.

Click here to listen to the episode.

Readers’ tales

We asked our readers to share some of their real-life experiences with Daddy/Son role-play:

  • “I’ve always been attracted to older guys. They’re more mature - in and out of bed. The biggest age-gap relationship I’ve had was 22 years –  he was 22 years older than me.”
  • “When I first moved to San Francisco, in my early 20s, I needed someone to show me the ropes. I got involved with two leather daddies  –  big mistake, that wasn’t for me  -  I wasn’t into obeying rules. I eventually found an older guy who showed me the ropes and I didn’t have cater to his ego.”
  • “We met on a dating app. I’d specified the age group range of 28 to 35. For me, it was about having sex with a ‘man’  –  muscle, chest hair  –  at that time I’d never found boys my age attractive. He messaged me and had said on his profile that he was 38. We met and really got on. We ended up seeing each other every day for a week, then he told me he was actually 44  –  by that time it didn’t really matter as the sexual attraction was there, and he looked a lot younger than he was. I wasn’t really conscious of the age difference at all, I wasn’t really thinking about having a long-term relationship, it just happened.”
  • “I’m generally more attracted to guys who are the same age or older than me, rather than guys who are younger. The oldest guy I ever dated was in his early 50s when I was 33, but everyone else has been within around 5–10 years of my own age.”
  • “My husband is 16 years younger than I am  -  he keeps my perspective on life fresh, and he doesn’t use age as an excuse not to try something new.”
  • “I’ve always found older men attractive. Before my husband, when I was in my early-20s I dated men who were in their mid-30s, I found that age group to be my sexual ideal of a masculine man.”
  • “My husband’s father was emotionally absent, so I try and provide that emotional support that he didn’t get and always make him feel loved.”
  • “We’ve been together for sixteen years and married for six years. I was 23 when we first met, and he was 44.”
  • “I started dating younger guys when I turned 35  -  I started to grasp my own mortality.”
  • “I think my husband likes younger guys because at the time he grew up, it wasn’t really possible to have a relationship with another guy. Knowing he was gay from a young age, he never felt like he got to explore that side sexually  -  so his sexual age range in guys didn’t mature at the same rate he did.”

When is Father’s Day 2024?

In 2023, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 16 June.

Start planning your celebrations.

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