Behind-the-scenes of Code 22 - the underwear brand taking the Barcelona vibe to the world.

We speak with brand manager, Michel Messarra, for the low-down.

Behind-the-scenes of Code 22 - the underwear brand taking the Barcelona vibe to the world.

With the drop of a new Joan Crisol photoshoot of Georgi Boyadzhiyski to showcase the range, we caught up with Michel Messarra - the brand manager of Code 22 - for a low-down on why you should be making some space in your wardrobe for this underwear.

You talk about the importance of balancing design, comfort, and functionality - how are those elements reflected in the design process for the Code 22 range?

Every season we start the collection with the foundations of design, comfort and functionality which result in the following:

  • Design is the aesthetic appeal, the overall look it has.
  • Comfort comes from the material we choose - we're always looking for materials that move with you to become part of your skin.
  • Functionality: We design each piece with a purpose - whether it be practical or performance - to enhance usability.

This all leads into bold clothing for men with an edge of self-expression.

This self-expression helps you to feel good about yourself and who you are.

The brand has a really extensive range - so there is pretty much something for everyone - but a lot of the pieces require the wearer to have a certain level of confidence? How would you describe the man that the Code 22 range is designed for?

Confidence comes within - when you feel good, you look good!

We inspire our clients to be themselves and feel free to be who they are through our clothes, to be part of our lifestyle.

You're based in Barcelona - does Code 22 have a specifically Catalan aesthetic?

We are Barcelona-based but I was brought up in Canada. This gives the brand a very universal feel which we transmit through
our choice of colours and designs.

I truly believe that the brand has a story to tell and we have just started.

What are some of the key trends that are shaping men's underwear?

We're seeing more use of bold colours and sheer fabrics. Also, the thong has become a very strong player in the last year.

Men are looking for comfort and sexiness but sexiness has to reflect a wide variety of tastes - some guys will prefer a sheer, skimpy piece while others will look for a sporty jock look.

It's all about feeling good in what you wear, which will then reflect in your personality.

What do you hope that men feel when they're wearing items from the Code 22 range?

Our mission is for men to feel good about themselves - for me, this is the most important aspect of the brand!

People cannot dictate what you should or should not wear - wear what makes you feel strong and confident.

Freedom of expression is what our brand is all about.

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The Photoshoot

Photographer: Joan Crisol

Model: Georgi Boyadzhiyski

Product: Code 22

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