The Convict Boy

Erotic gay fiction in a historical setting.

The Convict Boy

If you're interested a bit of erotic fiction in a historical setting, you might want to add The Convict Boy to your reading list.

Set in the 18th century, the story follows Billy - a young rent-boy in London who is sent on a convict ship to the colonies in Australia.

Here's a taste of the action:

“How much, boy?” the question came from a man, approaching Billy suddenly from one of the nearby lanes.

“Good morning, sir, how are you today?” smiled Billy politely, turning to face the potential customer. He thought it might have been one of his regular customers but this was a man that he didn’t recognise. But Billy wasn’t disappointed, the man was tall, well-built, he seemed to be in his early 40s, and he didn’t smell too bad.

“I said how much?” growled the man impatiently.

“Depends what you’d like?” grinned Billy, experienced enough to know that these initial negotiations needed to be handled carefully.

“I’ve got a hard cock that needs servicing...” replied the man, groping his crotch and leering at Billy.

“Hard cocks are my specialty...” winked Billy, pleased by the man’s enthusiasm and the sizable bulge in his trousers. “For a crown I’ll get on my knees and show you my skills.”

“What if I want more than just your mouth?” asked the man. “How much to take your trousers down and bend over for me?”

“Two crowns and you can shove anything you like up my boy-hole...” replied Billy, moving closer to the man, feeling the heat of his body.

“You’ve got a deal...” growled the man. “Where’s the nearest alley where we won’t be disturbed while I fuck you?”

“There’s an alley around the back of the pub...” replied Billy. “That’s my normal place of business.”

Billy led the way around the corner and down the small alley that ran along the back of the Ten Bells. As soon as they were partly concealed by the crates and boxes that littered the alley, the man grabbed Billy by the back of the neck and pushed him to his knees down on the cobblestones, pushing Billy’s face into the rough fabric of his trousers. Billy could feel the man’s hard cock constrained within.

Reaching up, Billy quickly undid the man’s trousers to release the hard cock that he’d been promised. Billy reached in and grabbed the thick cock-shaft to pull it free of the trousers.

“That’s it, kid, get that cock out...” urged the man. Pulling it free and out into the open, Billy admired the man’s cock – it was already pretty hard and about eight inches, long and fat with a generous foreskin covering the cock-head.

Billy wrapped the palm of his hand around the cock-thick shaft and began sliding it backwards and forwards, feeling the cock harden and lengthen as it responded to his touch.

“Get your mouth on it, kid...” instructed the man. Knowing that he had to get some lubrication on it before he could take it into his throat, Billy began licking and sucking up and down the thick cock-shaft, getting it as spit-slick as possible before he tried to attempt to deep-throat it. Sensing his client’s growing frustration, Billy opened his mouth and engulfed the fat cock-head, feeling it sliding firmly across his tongue, tasting the earthy saltiness that was one of his favourite things about the cock of a man.

Billy tried to work his way steadily down his customer’s cock, but the man impatiently grabbed Billy’s head and drove his hips forward, roughly pushing his cock towards the back of Billy’s throat. This was familiar territory for Billy, and he quickly began to breathe through his nose, trying to avoid gagging as the man’s thick cock began battering the back of his throat.

“Yeah… that’s it, kid…” growled the man, pushing his cock in and out between Billy’s lips. Billy did his best to use his tongue to pleasure the man who was paying for his body, feeling his thick, heavy balls bouncing against his chin.

“Show me your fuck-hole, boy...” directed the man gruffly. “I don’t have all day.” The man let go of Billy’s head so that Billy could release the cock that was filling his throat. Billy stood up, undid his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles, bending over one of the nearby boxes so that his smooth, hairless fuck-hole was exposed to the man. “That’s it, boy… spread those ass-cheeks… show me that boy-cunt…” instructed the client. Billy reached behind himself and pulled his white ass-cheeks apart, looking back over his shoulder to ensure that what he had to offer was what the client was looking for.

“Yeah… that’s what I need…” nodded the man approvingly as he inspected Billy’s smooth, hairless boy-hole. He spat directly onto Billy’s smooth and hairless boy-hole and used his thick, rough fingers to smear it over and into Billy’s fuck-hole.

“Ungh…” grunted Billy, feeling the man’s fingers begin to enter him. The man spat again into the palm of his hand and smeared it over the head and shaft of his hard cock, before lining his spit-slick cock up against Billy’s boy-hole. The man worked up another mouthful of spit and let it drool down onto Billy’s fuck-hole before using the head of his cock to swab it around and the push it inside.

“Ungh!” grunted Billy, as the man’s cock-head pushed forcefully inside him, driving inch after inch of his cock into his tight cunt.

“Take it, boy… take that hard cock…” grunted the man, determinedly beginning to fuck his fat hard cock into Billy, pulling it out and pushing it forward, using his hips to create the momentum, pulling it out and pushing it forward, each time withdrawing it a little bit further, and then with each thrust forward slamming his cock harder and deeper into Billy.

As the man’s momentum and power increased, he was withdrawing his cock almost completely out before slamming it back inside so hard that his big swinging balls slapped against Billy’s ass with each thrust that he was making.

“Oh, fuck yeah….” moaned Billy. “Such a big fucking cock… filling me up… fucking into me…”

“Shut up, you little boy-whore...” growled the man. “Just lie there and take my fucking cock you cum-slut…” Billy bit his lip and tried to stifle his moans, concentrating on the pleasure that he was feeling as the man continued to ravage his fuck-hole, slamming his thick fat cock in and out of Billy’s tight boy-cunt.

Billy used his ass muscles to try and milk the man’s cock, pushing back to meet each of his hard, brutal thrusts, grinding back against him.

“Fuck yeah… you’re going to get my load…” growled the man, increasing the intensity of his fucking. “Going to fill you up with my cum… going to breed your boy-cunt… Ungh! Fuck! Fucking take that cum!” The man threw his head back and pushed his hips forward as the cum began to flow from his cock, pushing himself as deep as possible inside Billy, flooding Billy’s cunt with his sticky load.

The man held Billy firmly in place as he continued to slide his softening cock in and out of Billy’s cummy fuck-hole. Billy could feel the man’s cum leaking out and beginning to run down his leg. Eventually, as his softening cock slid free from Billy’s fuck-hole, the man grabbed Billy by the hair and pulled him around so that he could shove his cock into Billy’s mouth. Billy knew what to do, and dropped to his knees so that he could suck clean the man’s greasy cock-shaft, lapping up the strands of cum that still covered the man’s cock.

“You’re a good boy-whore...” complimented the man, still holding a handful of Billy’s hair while Billy finished servicing every inch of the cock that had just fucked him.

“Can I have my money now, sir?” asked Billy, looking up at the man, his face still covered with splashes of cum. Without warning the man slapped Billy roughly across the cheek, knocking him to the ground, his trousers still around his ankles.

“You’ll get no money from me, cum-slut...” growled the man, tucking his cock back into his trousers as he buttoned them up.

“What?” asked Billy, confused and a bit disorientated.

“You’re nicked, kid – I’m taking you in...” replied the man, taking a firm hold of Billy by grabbing his hair and pulling him to his feet.

“You’re arresting me?” asked Billy. “What for?”

“You’re a rent-boy. You offered me sexual favours in return for money. That’s against the law...” snarled the man.

“But you fucked me!” protested Billy.

“There’s no law against me fucking you...” smiled the man. “But it is against the law for you to expect me to pay you for feeding your hungry boy-hole with my cum.”

“But that’s not fair!” complained Billy.

“Fair doesn’t come in to it...” replied the man, roughly twisting Billy’s arm behind him. “I’m Henry Clayton, the parish watchman, and you’re coming with me. You’ll be up before the judge at the Old Bailey within a week.” Billy did his best to haul his trousers up as the watchman dragged him along the street towards the nearest guard post.

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