Behind-the-scenes: Dillon Diaz

We follow him hard.

Behind-the-scenes: Dillon Diaz

There’s a lot to admire about Dillon Diaz.

For the Naked Men Talking podcast, I caught up with Dillon for a behind-the-scenes look at his online life.

What led you to start exploring a career in gay porn?

I started working as a go-go, stripper, and erotic dancer in the spring of 2018, as a new adventure for myself. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone as much as possible and grow from the experiences. I met lots of people that helped open my mind and supported me through the process. Everyone from club owners, to promoters, other dancers doing what I do, and also some porn stars.

It was after meeting guys like Andrew Fitch, Skyy Knox, Johnny Knox, Dolf Dietrich, Kris Karr, and Hans Berlin that I started to consider it as an option for myself. My perception of what it was like to work in adult entertainment and be a porn star totally changed when I met these guys. I saw that they had normal healthy lives, normal healthy relationships, and a great income.

I got to do live performances with a couple of these guys at club bookings, and I loved it. I realised that I could be a porn star too. So, with the help of my new sexy mentors, I started to send my photos to some of the gay porn production companies out there.

Oddly enough, when it came to filming my first scene, I wasn’t the least bit nervous. I was ready to go. Just a little anxious.

My first scene was super-easy, and didn’t have any scripted dialogue. The director, Marc MacNamara for, just told us to make it very romantic and sensual. My co- performer, Ty Mitchell, and I were told to make it look like we were in love and we were letting the camera in on our love-making. Ty is beautiful and such a sweetheart, so that wasn’t hard to deliver.

Nothing about the process was difficult. It was a great scene with which to start my career in porn.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

I’d describe myself as an introvert with exhibitionist tendencies. Before I started working in this industry, I avoided nightlife all together. I wasn’t into the bar or club scene with its crowds and loud music. I need lots of space and me-time.

But what I found is that even though I’m in the middle of the crowd, I’m still apart from it. I’m usually on a stage or a box, and it gives me a little height and distance where I can be by myself and be on display. The loud music became therapeutic. I got lost in the music and found a new me, or a side of me that I didn’t know was there and I like it.

It’s really not bad having all eyes on you. It’s kind of hot to be the centre of attention. I found my inner-performer on stage in the gay bars of NYC. Progression has always been important to me, and going into gay porn felt like a natural progression from dancing. It’s always onward and upward for me  -  no turning back.

How did the reality of filming a porn scene compare to your perceptions of what it would be like?

In general, it was easier than I’d anticipated. You’re never asked to do anything that you’re not willing to do, and if you need to take a break then no one is going to say no. Obviously, we all want to film a great scene as efficiently as possible, but if you need a break then all you need to do is say so. If something doesn’t feel right or hurts, you stop, regroup, change position if necessary, and continue filming until it looks and feels right.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with great directors and performers who made me feel right at home on a porn set. Chi Chi LaRue has become a friend and a mentor throughout the process, and the the scenes I’ve done for Noir Male have been really well received by the fans. I also really appreciate what Noir Male is doing for men of color in porn.

One misconception that people may have about porn is that we’re having the best sex ever. It’s not real. We’re acting. I mean, we are really sucking and fucking, but it’s a performance. We’re playing to the camera, trying to make sure that the camera has the best view of what we’re doing. Once they have enough footage of that position, we cut and move on to the next one. The climax may be the most surprising. We don’t always climax from the sex. When it’s time to film the cum-shot, we jerk ourselves off, and when we’re close, we get back into position and give the ever-important cum-shot to the camera.

I hope I’m not giving away too many secrets here. It’s still fun. It still feels great, but it’s nothing like the sex I have at home without cameramen and directors present.

One thing I wasn’t expecting to like so much was the acting. I love getting a script, and reading it over and over again until it feels like my own words. I love running through the scene with my co-performers, working out all the kinks. It’s important to me to see how guys get from fully dressed to totally nude and groping each other in porn. Being the one acting it out is even more exciting. Maybe even more exciting than the sex.

The fans of gay porn are simply amazing. So supportive and so appreciative of what we’re doing. I haven’t had a single bad experience yet. Perhaps one awkward thing regarding fans is when I get private messages requesting sex. I’m flattered, and appreciate their interest, but I can’t fuck everyone. It’s just not possible.

I watch the scenes that I’ve filmed. Watching myself helps me see what I could be doing better. I confess, I do get turned on by it. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some beautiful guys, but while we’re filming my mind is on making a great scene. When I’m alone at home watching what I’ve done, then I can really enjoy the moment. I thought it would be hard for me to see myself like that, but it’s not, it’s fun. I actually laugh at most of it, but not in embarrassment. I just find it funny and sexy at the same time.

What are some of the challenges you faced getting your start in the porn industry?

Where do I begin? Being new and unknown, it’s really hard to get people to respond to you at all, let alone say yes. I’ve been blessed to make some friends in high places, and then I made sure I was a pleasure to work with so that they would be happy to book me again. So far, that’s been working, but sadly there are only so many opportunities for men of color in porn.

If you look at the cast of almost any film, you’ll see one or maybe two models that look like me. If you look at the model section of almost any studio’s website you’ll see for yourself who’s working, and it’s not guys that look like me. There are a couple companies trying to change that statistic, but it’s not easy for men of color in porn – period.

On top of the fact that I’m a man of color, I also have a pigmentation variation on my penis that has made some directors not want to work with me, and some agents not want to represent me. You can see it in any of the scenes I’ve filmed so far. I’ve had this variation since I was a teenager, and over the years it seems to have gotten more dramatic. It’s not an illness, it’s not contagious, and it doesn’t hurt. Most guys have different colored skin on their penis, mine is just a little more dramatic than most. I’ve never really been insecure about it until I tried to break into the porn industry. None of my scene partners have complained or even questioned it, and none of the fans have made any negative comments. In fact, some of them have said really nice things about it. They like it, and I’m learning to like it too. It’s something that makes me different and unique.

I’m still working, and I believe in time it will continue to become a non-issue. Breaking into porn hasn’t been easy, and maybe it’s not supposed to be. Maybe if you really want it, you’ll have to work for it. I want it and I’m working. I can’t change the color of my skin or penis, but I can keep putting myself out there and doing beautiful work. The industry will come around. It’s already started for me.

Who are some of your gay porn heroes or inspirations?

I’m about to show my age. I remember rubbing it out to Tyger Tyson and the other guys of Latino Fan Club. Back then, those guys looked like the guys that were giving me a hard time in school. It was hot to see them all fucking each other.

Today, my heroes are the guys I’ve met and who are helping me to get to where they are  -  or at least in the same neighbourhood. Andrew, Skyy, Dolf, and Hans  –  they’re my friends, mentors, and gay porn heroes.

Can we talk underwear?

When I’m not performing, I wear just a basic and comfortable brief of any kind  –  from a boxer brief to a bikini brief – I like my goods kept close.

When I’m performing, I like to change it up and be creative. I’ll look for options with sheer panels, cut outs, interesting textures and colours. Then, of course, I accessorise the whole look to completion.

At the gym, it’s either no underwear or I’ll wear a jockstrap.

When it comes to other guys, I like them to wear anything that’s flattering to their body. But, if I could choose it for them, I’d pick a nice jockstrap.

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