Dylan Rosser is taking dick pics to a whole new level

This is the art we want on our walls.

Dylan Rosser is taking dick pics to a whole new level

Dylan Rosser is a photographer who specialises in the male physique – which means that he likes to shoot hot guys when they’re naked.

One of Rosser’s current projects is focused on dick pics – he’s working on a series of penis portraits that will be published in a book.

I caught up with Rosser to take a closer look at his specialist subject matter.

The origin story

“I started in graphic design… explains Rosser, when I ask him about how he began pursuing his passion for photography. “I was working for various magazines doing layout work. In some cases that was fun, but in most cases it was just by-the-numbers and not that creative.”

“It was the beginning of the digital camera age. The magazine I worked for entrusted me with a camera to shoot the occasional product shots that normally would have had to be sent out to be shot by studios. That’s how the photography started.”

“At that time, I’d just moved to London from Cape Town. I started messaging guys on dating apps to ask if they wanted their profile pics taken for free. It was primarily as a way for me to teach myself. That led to me shooting escorts and models.

“Gay Times magazine saw my photography and I began getting paid work. That’s when I thought it might be possible to make a career out of it.”

Penis Portraits

“The Penis Portraits project stemmed from my design background…” says Rosser, when we focus in on the subject of dick pics. “The way that images can look quite abstract and graphic the closer you get.”

“I’d bought an expensive camera lens to do close-up portraits of models – for faces, eyes, mouth. One day, I moved the focus down to the dick and was amazed at how close the lens could get, and the details it could show.”

“The idea is that Penis Portraits will be a book project, publishing next year – but nothing is set in stone yet.”

“I have a few more ideas that I want to try in how I want to shoot for the book, but it will definitely be faceless. The main concept of the book is the close up, macro photography. I’m still deciding if I keep it all black and white or if I have the occasional splash of colour.”

Finding guys who want to get naked

“I’m shooting a lot of guys anyway – for things like my OnlyFans…” explains Rosser, talking about how he finds the guys whose dick becomes the focus of his lens. “I’ve been shooting naked guys for over 20 years – I always ask guys that I’m working with.”

“Also, when I post examples of the series on Twitter or my OnlyFans page, I get a lot of messages from guys that want to do it.”

“I think the fact that it’s entirely anonymous makes it easier to find willing participants. Size and type of dick isn’t an issue – as it’s close-up images, there isn’t really a sense of scale.”

“Finding good light is pretty much the main challenge. I don’t use flash for these shots, so I need a big window and some daylight.”

“Some models are a bit shy at first, but they know what they’re coming over for so it’s not like it’s a surprise. Some guys get excited by the idea – they get hard or drip a lot of pre-cum. That just makes for better images.”

“The main criteria is just being in the right place at the right time. I’m not going to fly across the world to shoot a dick for 10 minutes, and I don’t expect a model to come out of their way for a quick shoot.”

“For this project, I usually take up to 100 shots, but I’ll only use maybe one or two. It’s all about finding that right crop, angle, texture, or drip.”

“I’ll be in LA during February and March, so if any guys are going to be there and want to get their dicks out for me, then they can get in touch.”

Is it porn or art?

“This book is for penis lovers – not for everyone…” confirms Rosser, reflecting on who his target audience is for the Penis Portraits project. “Some of the images are so close up they can look clinical and maybe not even sexy.”

“It’s a very difficult project to promote – I can’t show it in any form on Facebook or Instagram. The best way to find out more is to follow me on Twitter.

“I get a variety of reactions. For some, seeing an extreme close-up of a foreskin isn’t sexy, but for some it is. Not every image is going to appeal to everyone, but I like to think each image on its own is an interesting, almost abstract piece of art.”

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