B8 M8: Riding the Waves

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B8 M8: Riding the Waves

Looking for some gay erotic fiction? Riding the Waves might be the sexed-up story that will push your buttons.

Riding The Waves is a collection of stories. This is gay erotic fiction.

In a series of episodes, this story traces the encounters of Shane - a young guy who likes surfing, and plenty of guy-on-guy action.

Fancy a taste of some sex-charged surfer boy action? Read on!

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Shane’s cock was already hard, his cock seemed to immediately chub up anytime he thought of anything to do with sex. He decided to send McKinley an email:

“Hey, this is Shane — we met on the train…” he typed. “I don’t have any plans for this afternoon. What are you up to?” Within minutes, Shane’s phone buzzed, alerting him to a response from McKinley.

“Hey, mister! Good to hear from you…” wrote McKinley. “I’m at work today, but if you want to come to my office this afternoon I’d love to see you again.” Shane quickly confirmed the details, had a shower and got dressed, and then caught the tube into the city to meet up with McKinley.

McKinley’s office was a big, modern, impressive building. Shane reported to the reception desk as instructed, and soon a secretary had collected him and escorted him through security, directing him to McKinley’s office.

Sitting at his desk, McKinley looked good — his powerful air of authority and his sharp suit made Shane go a little weak at the knees. McKinley stood up from his desk and closed the blinds and locked the door behind Shane.

“Take off your clothes…” instructed McKinley.

“What?” laughed Shane nervously, unsure if McKinley was serious.

“Get your clothes off, now!” repeated McKinley, his voice firm and forceful, he clearly expected to be obeyed. Shane didn’t argue and immediately began to strip off his jeans and t-shirt, he left his white briefs on.

“Fuck, kid, you sure are one hot piece of work…” admired McKinley, sitting at his desk, his eyes roaming over Shane’s naked body. “Get your ass over here!”

Shane walked closer to McKinley. McKinley pushed his chair back away from his desk so that Shane could stand in front of him. McKinley reached out and took hold of Shane’s tight white briefs and suddenly ripped them from Shane’s body.

“You’re not going to be needing those…” smiled McKinley, tossing the torn briefs into the bin. McKinley pulled Shane down to sit on top of him in the chair. They kissed, hungrily. Shane’s cock was already hard, and as he ground his ass down against McKinley’s crotch, he could feel that McKinley was also getting excited.

McKinley’s hands were exploring Shane’s ass, kneading his ass cheeks, pulling them apart, probing and prodding Shane’s fuck-hole with his strong, powerful fingers.

“Ungh…” moaned Shane, feeling McKinley’s fingers making contact with his twitching boy-hole.

“You like that, do you?” growled McKinley, increasing his attentions on Shane’s fuck-hole.

“Uh huh…” nodded Shane. McKinley stuck his fingers into Shane’s mouth, getting them wet, and then using the lubrication of Shane’s spit to begin to work his fingers into Shane’s tight cunt.

“Oh fuck…” moaned Shane, beginning to grind his ass back to meet McKinley’s probing fingers.

“You’re a bit of a cock-slut, aren’t you?” growled McKinley, continuing to work his fingers into Shane’s boy-hole. “I’m guessing you’ve had a fair few cocks slamming into this boy-cunt over the years, right?”

“Fuck yeah…” moaned Shane, grinding his ass back against McKinley’s fingers, his hard cock leaking pre-cum onto McKinley’s crisp white shirt.

“We don’t have a lot of time…” said McKinley, lifting Shane off his lap and positioning him over the desk. McKinley pushed Shane into position, his chest pressed down against the deck, his back arched, and his ass exposed. McKinley undid the zipper on his suit trousers and pulled out his big cock, already hard and ready for action.

McKinley spat a mouthful of saliva onto Shane’s exposed fuck-hole and used his fingers to push it inside to loosen up Shane’s boy-cunt. He spat another mouthful of saliva into the palm of his hand and smeared it over the head and shaft of his cock, lining it up against Shane’s fuck-hole.

“Ungh…” moaned Shane, as he felt McKinley’s cock begin to push inside him.

“Shhh…” cautioned McKinley. “These walls aren’t that sound-proof, try and keep quiet.” Shane bit his lip as he felt McKinley steadily working his cock inside him, pushing forward a little and then pulling back a little, backwards and forwards, slowly and steadily building a rhythm and momentum as he fucked his cock into Shane’s cunt.

“Oh fuck…” moaned Shane, as inch after inch after inch of McKinley’s cock pushed slowly inside him.

“Nearly there…” grunted McKinley, pushing his cock deeper.

“Ungh… fuck yeah…” moaned Shane.

Having worked the entire length of his cock into Shane’s tight fuck-hole, McKinley began to increase the power of his momentum, pulling his cock back further and then pushing forward harder and deeper. Shane could feel McKinley’s heavy swinging balls slapping against his ass with each thrust of his hips.

“Fuck yeah… take that fucking cock…” growled McKinley, holding Shane firmly by the hips and slamming his cock deep and hard into the boy.

“Ungh… fuck… fuck…” moaned Shane, lost in the waves of pleasure as McKinley took control and used his body.

“Get ready, kid, I’m getting close…” warned McKinley, feeling the cum beginning to boil up inside him, the speed and power of his fucking steadily increasing.

“Yeah… fuck me…” urged Shane, grinding back against McKinley’s thrusts, forcing his cock to go as deep and hard as possible. “Yeah, that’s it… Fuck that hole…”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” grunted McKinley, as his cum began to unload deep inside Shane’s ass. “Fucking take that cum!”

McKinley collapsed down onto Shane, pressing Shane down into the desk, his cock still buried deep inside Shane’s cum-sloppy fuck-hole.

“Fuck, kid…” growled McKinley, chewing on Shane’s ear while continuing to slide his cock in and out of the boy’s stretched fuck-hole. “That was hot. I should get you a job here, then I could fuck you anytime I wanted.”

“Sounds good to me…” grinned Shane.

Eventually McKinley peeled himself away from Shane, finding a towel in his gym bag that he used to wipe them both up. McKinley tried to straighten his suit up as best as possible, but Shane was pleased that McKinley was no longer looking quite as pressed and groomed as when Shane had first arrived.

“I’m serious about getting you a job here…” said McKinley. “I want to eat you for lunch every day.”

“Bring it on…” grinned Shane. “Being the slutty office boy is one of my ultimate fantasies.”

“You’re on…” nodded McKinley. “Be here at 09:00 on Monday. Wear a suit. But don’t bother wearing underwear. I want easy access to your ass.”

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash
Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

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