Frat Boys

These guys are taking fraternal bonding to a whole new level.

Frat Boys

There’s a lot to love about frat boy fantasies. Young guys, out to have a good time, and eager to experiment with all that life has to offer.

I’ve written a collection of short stories that follows the encounters of a group of frat boys who know how to have fun on campus - it’s called Frat Boys.

It's erotic gay fiction, if you're into that kind of thing.

Here's a sample:

“I think we should have a party...” announced Scotty, as he and Pete were eating breakfast one Monday morning.

Pete Jansen was the president of the Alpha Delta Beta fraternity. Scotty was his best friend. They’d joined the frat in the same year, bonding during the fairly extreme hazing rituals that the frat was famous for.

Pete had always thought of himself as straight, but things with Scotty had blurred that line a little. They weren’t boyfriends, they definitely weren’t dating, but after realising that they were both curious to explore the sexual tension between them, they now spent every night in bed together – there was something about Scotty that Pete found irresistible.

“A party?” asked Pete, raising an eyebrow. “Why do you want a party? What sort of party?”

“So many questions!” laughed Scotty. “Why do we need a reason to have a party? I just think it would be fun. We could have a Halloween party or something.”

“Halloween is months away...” corrected Pete. “Who are you planning on inviting to this party?”

“Well, we could just make it a frat house party?” suggested Scotty. “There’s twenty of us in the fraternity, that’s enough for us to have a laugh, isn’t it?”

“An exclusive party?” clarified Pete. “When do you want to have it?”

“I’m glad you’re on board with this!” grinned Scotty. “I was thinking that we could have it this Saturday night?”

“I’m not sure I’d actually agreed to the party…” protested Pete.

“Too late - I’m already messaging everyone that we’re having a party!” laughed Scotty, pretending to punch messages into his phone.

“Okay – if it makes you happy, let’s have a party on Saturday night…” smiled Pete. “Here in the frat house, just the twenty guys from the fraternity.”

“We need a theme…” said Scotty, thinking out loud.

“Why do we need a theme?” asked Pete.

“Well, we want everyone to dress up, obviously…” explained Scott. “It will be fun!”

“What about a wig party?” suggested Pete.

“Boring...” dismissed Scotty.

“Sportswear or maybe Toga?” suggested Pete. “Why do I have the feeling that you’ve already decided what the theme is going to be?”

“Masquerade...” announced Scotty, looking pleased with himself.

“Masquerade?” asked Pete. “Are you sure? That just doesn’t sound very interesting to me.”

“Trust me...” nodded Scotty. “I’ll make it interesting.”

“Okay...” shrugged Pete, seeing that it was pointless trying to argue with Scotty now that he’d made up his mind. “You’re in charge. I’m off to class.”

Pete grabbed his rucksack and leant across the table to give Scotty a quick kiss. Their lips met and Pete could instantly feel the heat between them.

“Are you sure you have to go?” grinned Scotty, hooking his fingers into the waistband of Pete’s trousers.

“Yes - I have to go!” insisted Pete. “You’re a bad influence on me! I’ll see you later.”

Scotty swung into action to organise the party. Letting all of his fraternity brothers know that it was on, that it was an exclusive party just for the fraternity, and that there would be a theme.

Scotty had bought the masquerade masks for everyone – it had taken him a while to find the style that he was looking for, they weren’t expensive, they were just simple black masks that covered the eyes.

Because they all knew each other so well, the masks wouldn’t really conceal their identities, but it would give everyone a sense of anonymity. Combined with a few drinks, Scotty was sure that the masks would be enough to make the guys in the frat a bit more adventurous than they might normally be.

The morning of the party, Scotty delivered everyone their masks and the instructions for the night.

“The party will begin at 8 PM…” read the instructions. “The house bell will be rung to signal that the party has begun. When you hear the bell you may leave your rooms and come down. You must be wearing your mask and a pair of jeans – nothing else. If you don’t follow the rules, or if you don’t do as you’re told, then there will be consequences.”

As Pete was preparing to head off and have a shower to get ready for the night, he stuck his head into Scotty’s room.

“Do these rules apply to me as well?” asked Pete.

“They especially apply to you!” winked Scotty.

“But what are the consequences that you’re threatening?” persisted Pete, intrigued to know what Scotty had planned for the fraternity.

“You’ll just have to wait and see...” smiled Scotty mysteriously. “If you break the rules, you’ll find out.”

At precisely 8 PM, Scotty rang the house bell and his nineteen fraternity brothers began to appear from their rooms and make their way down the stairs to the main living room area.

Scotty had decorated the room so that it was dark, lit just by some flickering candles. The music was helping to create the atmosphere - Scotty had chosen tracks that had a deep throbbing bass, he planned to crank it up later as the party got going.

Scotty was pleased to see that all of the guys had followed his instructions regarding the dress code – everyone was wearing their masks and nothing else but their jeans. He could recognise everyone without too much trouble, but the masks somehow made everyone look a bit sexier, their bare chests catching the glow from the candles.

“Good evening, gentlemen!” announced Scotty loudly. “Welcome to Alpha Delta Beta’s first masquerade ball! Tonight’s party will be a little different from some of the other parties that we’ve held in the past. There will be no beer served tonight – beer is for boys, we are men. Tonight we drink bourbon. Please help yourselves from the bar.”

Scotty paused while all of the guys grabbed themselves a drink from the bar that he’d set up.

“We’re going to get things started with some games!” announced Scotty. “But first, I think you’d better down that drink and get another one – I want you all loose and relaxed for tonight.”

The fraternity brothers eagerly followed Scotty’s instructions and quickly knocked back their drinks so that they could refill their glasses with bourbon. There was an air of expectation and excitement in the room. A sexual energy that connected them all.

Scotty was clearly enjoying being in charge of their entertainment, and the guys were happy to go along with whatever he had planned for them.

“We’re going to kick things off with a game!” announced Scotty, calling the room back to order. “It’s an easy game, but there might be some prizes for the winners, and there might be some consequences for the losers. This is a game that is played in pairs so we’re going to start with an easy one – Steve and Jamie Kennedy, get up here!”

Scotty called forward the twin brothers to the front of the room – the two big football jocks ambled forward happily, wondering what was in store for them.

“All you need to do is guess what underwear that each other is wearing…” instructed Scotty. “I want the style and the colour. Let’s start with you, Steve, and we’re going to start with style – is Jamie wearing boxers, briefs, or a jock?”

“This is easy...” grinned Steve. “He’s wearing briefs.”

“Correct!” confirmed Jamie.

“Your turn now, Jamie – same question…” continued Scotty. “What style of underwear is Steve wearing?”

“Too easy...” laughed Jamie. “He’s wearing briefs.”

“Correct!” grinned Steve.

“Right – now it gets a bit tricker…” continued Scotty. “We know that you’re both wearing briefs, but now you have to guess what colour briefs each of you are wearing. Steve – you can go first.”

“White...” replied Steve without hesitation. “He always wears white.”

“Correct!” confirmed Jamie.

“Now, Jamie – what colour briefs is Steve wearing?” asked Scotty.

“White...” shrugged Jamie. “We always wear the same kind of briefs.”

“Some people might call that weird but I call it hot - we have two winners, gentlemen!” declared Scotty. “What do you think, boys – do we need some proof to make sure that they’re not cheating?”

There was a roar of approval from the assembled frat brothers - maybe the bourbon was already kicking in or perhaps everyone was just fired up for some fun, but everyone was clearly eager to see the Kennedy brothers strip down to their briefs.

“You heard it, boys – show us what you’ve got!” instructed Scotty. “It’s time for you to lose those jeans!”

The Kennedy brothers both pushed down their denim jeans, revealing the tight white briefs that they had both guessed correctly.

“You may as well leave your jeans off...” grinned Scotty. “You look much more comfortable like that. Your prize is to help yourself to another shot of bourbon. See how easy it is, gentlemen? Right, let’s move on to our next pair of contestants. Next up, let’s have two of our newer frat members – Joachim Lofgren and David Yao, up you come boys!”

Joachim and David presented themselves to Scotty at the front of the crowd.

“Okay – you’ve seen how the game works, we’re looking for underwear style and colour…” said Scotty. “Joachim – you can go first, what’s your guess?”

Joachim took a moment and studied David carefully, trying to imagine what he would be wearing.

“Um, I think I’m going to guess that he’s wearing red briefs…” decided Joachim.

“David – what’s your guess?” asked Scotty. “What’s Joachim wearing?”

“I always think of Joachim as a boxers kind of guy…” pondered David. “I’m going to guess blue boxers.”

“Alright – it’s the moment of truth...” grinned Scotty. “Let’s drop those jeans and see who has guessed correctly!”

Joachim and David pushed down their jeans to let the crowd see what they were wearing.

“Oh no – two losers!” declared Scotty. “We have Joachim in a white jock, and David in pink briefs. Pink, David? Very cute. Okay, what that means is that everyone else gets a drink but you two don’t. You can leave your jeans off, you won’t be needing those anymore. Plus you need to both stay up the front here with me, and you need to get down on your knees – there might be some consequences for your poor performance in this game.”

Joachim and David did as instructed, kneeling down next to Scotty while everyone else helped themselves to more drinks. The atmosphere in the room was getting progressively louder and more raucous.

“Moving on!” shouted Scotty, keeping everyone focused. “Let’s have our other two new boys, Marc Riley and Michael Patterson, come on up here boys!”

Marc and Michael eagerly made their way to the front of the room where Scotty was holding court.

“Okay – you know how the game works, you know the rules…” said Scotty. “Let’s get straight to it – Marc, you’re first, what’s your guess? What’s Michael wearing underneath those jeans?”

“Oh man, I’ve got no idea…” said Marc, studying Michael, trying to visualise what type of underwear he might be wearing. “I’m going to go with a jock, and I’m going to say that it’s black.”

“I like your thinking...” smiled Scotty. “Michael - your turn, what’s your guess?”

“Um, Marc is definitely a briefs kind of guy, so I’m going to say white briefs...” replied Michael.

“Okay – time for the moment of truth...” grinned Scotty. “Let’s show the boys if you’ve guessed correctly!”

Marc and Michael both pushed down their jeans as the expectant crowd of frat brothers looked on.

“That’s amazing - both correct!” declared Scotty. “I wonder if perhaps you had perhaps a bit of inside knowledge on each other, but the bottom line is that you’ve both guessed correctly so you’re both winners!”

The room full of frat brothers erupted in cheers and celebratory hoots. Marc and Michael acknowledged the congratulations of their frat brothers, feeling quite pleased with themselves.

“Now, having got this far in the game, I think it’s only fair that the winners get to claim their reward…” announced Scotty. “Marc, Michael – if you both stand just there. Joachim and David – come forward. That’s it, stay on your knees. Joachim, you can face Marc, and David, you can face Michael. Now I want you to really get your faces in close to these winners, I want you to inspect what winner’s underwear looks like, I want you to sniff and show your respect to these winners.”

Joachim and David began to follow Scotty’s instructions, but not as enthusiastically as he wanted, so he stepped behind them and pushed their faces into the crotches that they were supposed to be worshipping. The watching frat brothers cheered them on.

Scotty moved behind them and gave both Joachim an encouraging slap on the ass. Joachim grabbed hold of Marc’s hips to keep his balance while he was grinding his face into Marc’s crotch.

“Look at that muscle ass...” laughed Scotty. “Perfectly framed by that white jock!”

Scotty slapped Joachim’s ass again, leaving a pink palm print on his ass cheek, contrasting with the white jock that he was wearing.

“Check out this one!” laughed Scotty, rubbing the palm of his hand over David’s ass, covered in his pink briefs. “Have you ever seen a bubble butt as perfect as this!”

Scotty pushed David forward, making David grab onto Michael’s hips, his back arching and his ass pushed out.

“Such a tight little ass…” admired Scotty, continuing to rub his hand over David’s ass. “Let’s get a better look at it!”

Scotty pulled down David’s pink briefs to reveal his ass cheeks to the watching crowd of eager frat brothers.

Scotty moved around behind Marc and Michael, throwing his arms around their shoulders and looking down at the two guys with their faces in their crotches.

“How’s it feel to be winners, boys?” asked Scotty. “Feel good to have these losers on their knees, worshipping you? Would it feel better if they had their lips wrapped around your cocks?”

Both Marc and Michael grinned and nodded. Scotty reached around and took hold of Marc’s nipples, roughly twisting them.

“I didn’t hear you?” growled Scotty.

“Yes, sir” replied Marc. “That would definitely feel better!”

“I didn’t hear you either, Michael?” said Scotty, sharply twisting Michael’s nipples until he squirmed in pleasurable pain.

“Yes, sir!” nodded Michael. “Yes – I want his mouth on my cock!”

Scotty grinned as he reached down and pulled Michael’s black jock down to his ankles, he then immediately did the same to Marc, pulling his white briefs down to the floor. The watching frat brothers cheered enthusiastically.

The bourbon was taking effect and the heat was definitely rising in the room as Joachim and David opened their mouths and wrapped their lips around Marc and Michael’s cocks, sucking and slurping as they serviced their frat brothers.

“Hey, Scotty!” yelled Jamie Kennedy. “We were winners too, but all we got was a shot of bourbon!”

“Very true...” grinned Scotty. “Perhaps you were a bit short-changed. Why don’t you come up here and collect your prize - you’ve got two losers here on their knees with their asses in the air.”

Steve and Jamie Kennedy eagerly pushed to the front of the watching crowd, their eyes fixed on the exposed asses of Joachim and David.

“Can we fuck them?” asked Steve, pulling down his white briefs to let his hard cock bounce free.

“Absolutely – you’re winners!” grinned Scotty. “Claim your prize!”

The naked twins knelt into position behind Joachim and David’s exposed asses, each of them followed a familiar routine of spitting into the palm their hand, smearing it over the fuck-hole in front of them, smearing it over the head of their cock, lining it up, and then pushing forward slowly, watching intently as the willing boy-cunt before them opened up and accommodated the hard cock that was penetrating it.

Watching the hot action unfolding in front of him, Pete – the frat’s president – could feel his own cock becoming uncomfortably hard in his tight denim jeans. He looked around the watching crowd of frat brothers and noticed that a lot of them had already pulled off their jeans and were standing there in just their briefs or jocks.

Pete had to hand it to Scotty, he sure knew how to get a party going. Pete decided to get comfortable and pushed down his jeans, standing there in just his green boxers.

“Well, it looks like our president doesn’t want to be left out!” announced Scotty, noticing that Pete had stripped off. “Who wants to see these losers show how much they respect and worship our president?”

The room erupted in a loud roar - all the frat brothers were incredibly loyal to Pete and they all wanted to see him celebrated.

“Come on up here, Pete!” instructed Scotty. “Come and get your cock sucked!”

Pete stepped forward and pulled off his boxers, his long hard cock standing proudly before him. From now on, he was going to make sure that Scotty was in charge of organising all of the parties for the frat house.

This is what it felt like to belong to a band of brothers. This is what it felt like to belong to Alpha Delta Beta.

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