Former Childhood Star C. Thomas Howell Just Showed His Penis At 56-Years-Old

This is how you get our attention.

Former Childhood Star C. Thomas Howell Just Showed His Penis At 56-Years-Old

Age is truly just a number if you are C. Thomas Howell. This sexy fifty-six-year-old man has the body of a (lucky) twenty-something-year-old, as seen in his first-ever frontal nude scene to date. Before we get to that, where do we know C. Thomas Howell from? Gen Xers and Elder Millennials caught him in everything from Stephen Spielberg’s family classic E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial to the seminal teen flick The Outsiders.

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His brand new nude scene, in the Netflix series Obliterated, isn’t the first time that C. Thomas Howell has stripped down on screen. When he was only eighteen-years-old, Howell flaunted his trim, smooth body in one of his most memorable movies, Grandview, U.S.A.

He went on to deliver his best nude scene pre-2023 in 1992’s To Protect and Serve. Oh, that butt is swerving all right.

However nothing could have prepared us for Obliterated. This is a Netflix action comedy series about US Intelligence Agents celebrating hard in Las Vegas after disarming a bomb. However, they discover that the bomb they disarmed was actually fake, and must search for the real bomb while high and drunk off their butts. C. Thomas Howell definitely partakes, and crashes onto a coffee table fully naked. Someone is proud of his daddy package…

See C. Thomas Howell At 18-YO, 56-YO, And Everything In Between (UNCENSORED)

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