Behind-the-scenes: Greg McKeon

We follow him hard.

Behind-the-scenes: Greg McKeon

I caught up with Greg McKeon to talk careers, craft, and creating content with Colton.

Speaking on the Naked Men Talking podcast, we talk go-go dancing in West Hollywood, relocating to Oregon, embracing his Daddy identity, the war on porn, and his disastrous audition for a role on Teen Wolf.

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“I remember when I was 20 years old, and living at my parents’ house…” explains Greg, when I ask him how he got his start in the adult entertainment industry. “I went to San Francisco and randomly encountered the GAYVN Awards. I was drawn to the hot guys arriving at the Castro Theatre.”

“To a young gay guy who was living in repressed Fresno, this seemed too good to be true – I quickly applied to some of the studios.”

“However, I ended up getting accepted into university at Berkeley. I put my adult career on hold, focused on my academics, and started my career as a fitness trainer.”

“Once I graduated, I started my own fitness training business, and also worked as a go-go boy. I love go-go dancing.”

“Whenever I thought about working in porn, I always felt that porn was often for the producers’ financial benefit and not the models. However, with the fan-subscription sites, things have changed and non-professional models have started earning sizeable incomes.”

“A friend told me how much models were making through fan-subscription sites, and that encouraged me to start my own channel.”

“I try to learn something from every shoot…” explains Greg, when I ask him about how he produces content for his fan-subscription channels. “I’m constantly striving to improve my craft of film production, and ensuring that we’re making scenes that are fun to watch.”

“It may sound silly, but I actually keep a list of positions to try, moves to emulate, and things to say. However, at the end of the day, it’s real sex. When the camera starts, all the pre-planning goes out the window and the natural flow of real sex is what makes our videos hot. The passion and intensity, but also the smiles after once we’ve all blown our load – that helps personalise the video and show that we aren’t just sex-machines.”

“I really like filming with my husband – I get off watching him hook up with another guy. …” says Greg, when I ask him if it makes it easier to have someone to film with. Greg is married to Colton.

“I tend to run the online sites and he runs our offline projects. I don’t mind the challenges of being independent – I love the flexibility and potential for growth.”

“I get the occasional comment or message asking why I always film with my husband. My response is, because you’re watching my real-life sex videos – this is not a staged scene. We love each other. If my husband is there, we’re going to be having sex with each other.”

“I’m a fan of Rhyheim Shabazz…” says Greg, when I ask him whom he admires in the adult entertainment industry. “Rhyheim has been a big help to me in learning to navigate being an adult performer. His attitude of gratitude and love is something I work towards everyday. He has zero attitude and is a friend to all. I can’t say enough good things about this stud.”

“Day-to-day, I like a Calvin Klein brief…” explains Greg, when our conversation inevitably turns to underwear.”

“For the gym, I have shorts with a built-in liner, so I don’t wear underwear to the gym. If I’m wearing sweats, I like to wear underwear that shows off my junk.”

“When it comes to other guys, it doesn’t matter to me what they’re wearing – I like to take them off. I do really like a guy in white gym shorts – I find that extra hot.”

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