The Horse Tribe of the Celts

Lust and betrayal in an ancient time.

The Horse Tribe of the Celts

Horse Tribe of the Celts is set during the time of the Roman Empire's invasion of the British Isles.

The Celtic tribes are under threat. These short stories follow the lusty adventures of the heroes of that age.

Here's a sample:

The messenger boy quickly stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his trousers, sliding under the rugs to feel the heat of Barien’s body. Barien put his hand on the boy’s neck and pushed him down towards his hard cock, his morning wood straining for release. The messenger boy knew what was expected of him and began to lick and suck Barien’s cock, using his hands to pull the generous foreskin back, running his tongue around the sensitive cock-head, lapping at the long, thick shaft to get it wet.
Barien kept the pressure of his hand on the boy’s neck and the messenger opened his mouth and engulfed the head of Barien’s cock, breathing through his nose to try and take it further and further into his mouth and down his throat.

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The After Dark edition

If you want to fuel your fantasies with some images of horse-hung guys and naked guys riding horses, then check out the After Dark edition.

After Dark: Horses
The undeniable power of man and beast.

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