I did not consent to being your fetish.

Jordan Jameson shares his perspective.

I did not consent to being your fetish.

I’m not your fetish.

I’m not your object of objectification.

I am not reduced merely and solely to the shade of my skin or curvature of my body… or member south.

Yes I’m black, I get it… brother.

Does that put me in a separate category from my peers whose skin may run the other spectrum of the flesh rainbow?

OH, “you’re so hot for a black guy”.

“You’re very well spoken” or “where are you from?”

Born and raised New Yorker buddy!

“I mean your heritage, your origins”.

“I don’t see black people that look like you”.

What does that look like?

What are we supposed to look like?

And how are we supposed to act?

Am I angry and aggressive enough to portray your dominant fantasy?

Sure, I take lusty pics and put all my bits on display for the world to see and stream.

And so I suppose I asked for it.

I suppose it’s to be expected.

Who am I to assume the world is evolved enough to see and stream past something as arbitrary as the shade of someone’s skin and the preconceived notions of what it is to be that person behind that shade of skin.

Who do I think I am to truly believe that I’m an equal to you?

Oh right, I’m a god. Your master. Your black king. Your hyper-sexualized fetish. Not a kink and something you enjoy to get you off but rather a “thing” that you Need to take you all the way. I guess I should be honored. I should be so damn grateful and over the moon that I won the genetics lottery and the color of my skin subjects me to your and their fetishization, comments, questions, and concerns.

Here I thought I was just a human navigating the world but alas, the constant reminder of my melanin brings me right down to earth and back to reality. It’s so awesome that I get my own category on all the sites you use to feed your insatiable hunger. I’m over the moon seeing the way “black” or “ebony” is portrayed. Look, there’s not even a category for white… how neat! Just anyone non, gets their very own box to play in… how “special”. In many ways, I feed this machine. A gal’s gotta eat right?

Maybe in the next century or in another world or alternate reality, black isn’t a thing. Rather, black is not a controversial thing. An actual topic, discussion, or category. We just are as you are. Be proud of who you are and where you came from, that’s what Mommies and Daddies say when we’re young and learn to acclimate to our surroundings.

Yes, I’m a proud Blackman, proud of my melanin, my roots, and my history. However, does that mean, you should be too? And does that mean you should be for me? Does that mean that I have to constantly talk about it and to explain the “black” experience? What’s the white experience? Are you proud of your roots and heritage?

I’m not kink shaming by any means. To each’s own and whatever get your rocks off man! I will Fetish shame though. Bold statement but it just seems to me that most fetishes inherently or overtly degrade the receiving end to some extent. Degradation can be hot in cases… when consensual. But I didn’t consent to this. I don’t think most would and do.

I did not consent to being your fetish solely based on physical attributes. I did not consent for the world to allow this, market this, and make this okay. And I certainly did not consent to being an object and a black fetish.

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